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They leave some personal space even as a crowd approaches the stage, which makes it easier for people on the move to be polite.
In our teaching-centered culture, it isn't really polite to brag about one's publications.
In polite society, flatulence is often a social faux pas-especially when issued deliberately.
Eye contact is a key element of polite conversation.
The rest of the staff stood in awe and kept a polite distance.
Good manners are basically how polite you are to your environment and friends.
But if you're asked to check your bag early in the boarding process, you might consider a bit of polite resistance.
At no point does the chairman appear in the video, or appear to do anything except be polite about receiving an unsolicited gift.
All you have to do is be honest, polite and gracious.
That's a polite way of saying that politicians are notorious for their selective use of statistics.
To be more polite about it, it was the bay getting ready to bloom.
His serious and polite nature is easy to misinterpret as indifference, but these still waters run deep indeed.
Because so many people neglect to send anything, the polite people who do stand out and are remembered.
Puzzled by our polite refusals, they then tried to ply us with alcohol and marijuana.
But you of course have no inherent right to expect a polite reaction.
Now, if only there were a way to pay car-drivers to be polite to cyclists.
He received a polite hearing in both countries, but no more.
He dismissed my questions of the past with polite laughter.
Throughout history, science has been rather polite to religion.
He gave the notes to the importuning officials as a polite way of saying no.
He was polite and dealt with the bull until it got too ridiculous.
Please respect each other and have a polite conversation.
It didn't stop him from mentioning the available incentives every three minutes, but he was polite about it.
Or it could be a polite invitation to seek work outside of their jurisdiction.
Please, when answering comments, make sure you are polite to the people who wrote it.
People are more polite on certain social media outlets than others.
He is polite and calm around everyone he meets and loves to snuggle.
The idea is not, as has been suggested, an effort to make us more polite drivers.
At that point, you've been polite and that's the end of it.
It seems, however, that mothers still want their daughters to stand up straight and make polite conversation.
At one time, polite people never asked to look at their own medical records.
Think of it as the hysterical upgrading of ugly visions of the future already found in polite critiques of higher ed.
If you have a request at an interview, be polite and simply ask.
It works well when dealing with the hum-drum routine of royal visits, photo-shoots and polite chat with the press.
The music is mostly instrumental, and mostly polite.
Many even had to endure training sessions in how to be polite to the public.
It is too small, too superficial, too polite and in some ways misleading.
Polite society papers over feelings, conflicts and truth.
Somehow that voice shouldn't come out of that polite but unremarkable face.
Milosevic's biography and thought it only polite to let him know.
But this amounts to polite throat-clearing compared with the outrage on the other side of the pond.
As for the rest, the majority, it might have been polite to ask.
He generally makes a few polite remarks as he takes her up the aisle.
The swarms of the polished deprecating and reflectors and the polite float off and leave no remembrance.
One observes, of course, a polite speech and a common speech.
Adding my name to the list and officially lending firm but polite support.
Perhaps the organization thought it could choose between politics and polite, pink-clad company.
He hosted the show for forty-three years, asking polite questions in a plummy accent.
The proceedings were polite, the questions pertinent, the discourse intelligent.
His presentation was met with silence, followed by polite, confused applause.
Yes, you've proven that if you put people in weird situations, they will usually go along to be polite.
The cultural credibility of the professional poetry establishment depends on maintaining a polite hypocrisy.
Polite society may have read them, but it looked down on those who wrote and edited them.
Therefore they are usually met with obligatory polite laughter, masking the inner groans.
They were polite, in the old-fashioned way, but they took every opportunity to touch each other.
Given the crush, the mood on line is polite, respectful.
Perpetrators must be summarily banished from polite society.
The joke elicits polite chuckles from the scientists.
While not nearly as polite, it gets there immediately.
My guess is to always err on the side of being over-polite, in other words, send thank yous to everyone.
It is only in the last hundred years or less that public laughter has been widely acceptable in polite society.
Demonstrate how well you'd fit in by giving good talks and lessons, being polite and friendly in all interactions on campus.
What were once eccentric creations have become polite and well behaved.
Polite discourse has a weak arsenal of adjectives to describe crimes of war.
The performances and the story in this case are no more trenchant than polite society gossip.
It reflected, to be polite, a strong imaginative vision.
Maybe the show is exposing the real life stuff that was covered up, at the time, by the lies and evasions of polite society.
He is polite, with traces of skepticism and weariness.
None of these countries has a reputation for comfortable cells and polite jailers.
Thank you for your restrained, moderate, polite and thoughtful contribution to this debate.
Be polite and friendly, and never demand an upgrade.
It's really about being polite to your fellow guests and your dining companions.
Fifty years ago the word leg was not used in polite mixed company.
The polite packer helping to direct traffic in our apartment told my husband he had helped move us into our flat three years ago.
The staff are unfailingly polite, and they don't run-they walk.
All this, and he never stops beings so darned polite.
It was the polite thing to do, though no one was really expected to sit down and write a letter.
Even in the outer boroughs of polite society, nobody should walk away from a meal feeling miserable.
He was the first to broach the idea of school vouchers in polite conversation.
The best way to demonstrate respect for the court, your peers, and your clients is to be polite.
Not only are computer skills necessary, but also the ability to interact well with people in a polite and helpful manner.

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