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Example sentences for polished

They tended to be bright, polished, affluent and ambitious.
The images are cast and polished, and exhibit much ingenuity in the modeling.
And finally pantyhose give a sophisticated, polished, finished or professional appearance.
Of course, do well on standardized tests and present a polished, professional application.
The two which remain are polished, to their great benefit.
The swarms of the polished deprecating and reflectors and the polite float off and leave no remembrance.
They found him polished, straightforward, and urbane.
Shoes had to be polished, there must be no buttons off the clothing, and no grease-spots.
Polished and warm, sleek and white were the two thighs.
So many feet have stepped cautiously to the edge of major overlooks that in places the rock has been polished smooth.
The lighthouse was operated using fire at night and polished bronze mirrors that reflected the sun during the day.
Forged from this intricate folding, the polished blades rippled with chevron or herringbone patterns.
The cups and medals are lined up on the platform, polished to a mirrorlike gleam and waiting to be presented.
He wore zippered cordovan boots, and they were highly polished.
Still, biographers should beware of making too much of these highly polished introspections.
Its polished surface has room for tens of thousands of activated magnetic spots.
The shop's cool marble tabletops, slowly polished by commerce, lean this way and that.
If adults want to see a polished game of baseball played according to the rule books, they can turn on their television sets.
It was this polished spectacle, from her heavily produced songs to mega-budgeted videos, that she represented.
Or they polished it off immediately in large ceremonial feasts.
She is impeccable, from polished court shoes to understated earrings.
The subject matter of the interview will be you, and you will be expected to be the polished expert.
Not that the latter are all that polished in coming up with limpidly clear treaties.
The hand was warm to the touch, the nails polished, perfectly manicured.
Skin that looks shiny all over is definitely out for spring because it doesn't look polished and sophisticated enough.
Everything looks great when it's slick, polished and sitting on the lot.
We're talking about releasing things that aren't as polished, some more experimental projects.
But a few key scenes, though visually polished, feel inert.
Soviet designers built a pressurized sphere of polished aluminum alloy with two radio transmitters and four antennas.
The scaffolding of ward bosses was removed to reveal the polished image of a prince.
Nor did she look kindly on applications that seemed too polished, sensing the handiwork of a pricey college consultant.
We walked up polished granite steps to the second-floor control room and observation area.
Subsurface structure in polished fused silica and diamond turned single crystal silicon.
The medium polished surface of the core was prepared in two steps.
Microscopic wires embedded in polished diamonds provide new data on materials under high pressure.
Feasibility studies were performed on polished fused silica.
The cut and polished agates all have a different character and are natural art pieces.
The highly polished surfaces, however, are especially vulnerable to changes and require additional treatment.
Cylinder head chambers modified, reshaped and polished.
Some designers shied away from a look of polished confidence.

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