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Having provoked the clash, she fled in a motorcade that ran over and killed a policeman and a protester, according to the police.
He starts shaking my hand, and the other policeman does as well.
Than a human policeman might investigate the situation.
The policeman was bewildered, and stared at him open-eyed.
They were all on me at once, and the policeman took me in the rear.
Once hardly thought worthy of a day laborer's hire, she ranks to-day with a policeman in pay and privilege.
He was woken in his dorm room by a policeman who arrested him.
The friend shot and killed an off-duty policeman while trying to escape, then killed himself.
He was wearing a blonde wig and a captain's or policeman's hat and coat.
The argument is settled by a policeman who takes them to the station house.
One need not be a dogmatist, a policeman of fallacies, to be troubled by this new tendency.
Perhaps a policeman will ask me for my papers more politely.
We watched, helpless, as a policeman raised his shotgun and calmly shot him in the back.
He had become the sort who casts about for a policeman at the sight of the scruffy poor.
One policeman is reported to have been lightly wounded by a hand grenade.
At first the former policeman, who likes to cultivate a strongman image, oversaw swift progress.
He had finished a stint as a top policeman, and was starting a new security job at the defence ministry.
It was said to have killed a policeman and the bomber.
Kit, the head of a trading outfit, tells of a visit from a policeman one morning.
One policeman was suspended, but that did not stop the riots.
He gave the example of a policeman talking to a confidential informant.
The central character is a likeable and dedicated policeman with a dry sense of humour.
No policeman in the world is more efficient, more widely respected for politeness and patience.
We can see in the behaviour of these policeman the direct result of that way of thinking.
Control of strong hostile impulses was discussed in the context of the special demands of the policeman's role.
Yes, somebody killed a policeman today, in your hometown or in mine.
Slain policeman's family, friend recall his boyhood, his easy grin.
They reported that the jailer and perhaps one policeman were asleep at the time of the escape.
There was a behind-the-scenes revolution that began changing the traditional image of the policeman as a fear symbol.

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