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The police station is a few yards away, but the officers on patrol show no interest in the line of customers.
On the other hand, the pressures that can be brought to bear in a police station are much stronger than those in a lab.
The police station lodging-house, where the soft side of a plank is the regulation couch, is next in order.
Well, they took him to that police station-that is here-with a suitable escort.
Don't be shy about making introductions at the local police station, military base, or aid organizations.
While she was at the police station, giving out with more fingerprints, she happened to see the card that had been sent back.
His brains went all over the side of the police station.
At the police station, they photographed his body for signs of scratches or bruises.
Shocked villagers dragged them to a police station, where they confessed.
OB's political prisoners are kept in a row of small cells, next to those of the police station.
Other cells have walls of wire mesh, which impart the sense of a holding pen in a police station.
Besides, the witnesses for accident have to bribe police also before they are allowed to leave police station.
Supporters and journalists who gathered outside the police station were beaten again.
Such thoroughness is appropriate in a police station, however, but not in an airport.
The site includes a former police station, one of the oldest in the nation.
The police then grabbed her, she said, took her camera and drove her off to the police station for booking.
At first, the leopard was kept in a cage at the police station, where it was poked by curious onlookers.
Then he marched down the street to the police station and turned himself in.

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Oh, yes, everything's fine. I always stop by the police station in the middle of the night to pick up my da... more
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