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The bodies attract the notice of a police officer, who enters the house.
The police officer stepped into the traffic, blocking our car.
Imagine that you are a police officer in a tough neighborhood where the criminals are heavily armed.
Here, you can't even trust a police officer not to lie to your face.
All was well and good until the police officer posted at the entrance to the bus depot was called to an emergency.
The police officer, after a brief attempt at a stern manner, relented.
The initial website link in essence are measures to adopt to really turn into a police officer.
We have disabled your ignition and summoned a police officer.
Now imagine this same environment, but you are a police officer.
If a police officer commits a crime, he/she is jailed by other policemen.
There is no way a police officer can tell his subordinates to grant special perks, merely because the prisoner is well connected.
They also remain silent on why, among eight others detained in the case, are a senior police officer and a newspaper proprietor.
The appointment of a former police officer as drugs tsar might skew the balance even further.
When a police officer was called in, the soldiers attacked him.
He had never really expected to, he told me-he'd wanted to be a police officer.
The restaurant delivery boys sign in with the police officer on security detail and bring the food to the kids.
In his spare time he volunteered as a reserve police officer for the city.
He looks pleased that his friend and fellow police officer is still alive.
But at the second one a police officer in an army jumpsuit stormed over and ordered us out of the car.
Then they learned that it was a police officer who had been shot.
Another police officer and some students also reportedly were injured.
The next day a police officer took notes and said nothing could be done.
She requested that an armed university police officer be present in the room when she defended her dissertation.
Any campus police officer would prefer to know who has weapons and check them in and out of a locker.
There will not be a police officer there at the crucial moment.
Get information about becoming an auxiliary police officer.

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The duties which a police officer owes to the state are of a most exacting nature. No one is compelled to c... more
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