police car in a sentence

Example sentences for police car

The police car pulled up and officers ran downstairs.
It's a plastic seat, for all you out there who have never been tossed into the back of a police car.
People, for goodness sake, look at the video from the police car.
One police car was damaged after concert-goers climbed on top of it to get a better view of the stage.
The residential block was mostly empty, except for a police car idling at the curb.
Some citizens feel unsure about what to do if approached by an unmarked police car.
Mayor asks for community input on new police car design.
They arrested him, and put him in the back of their police car.
The community facility grant funds will be used to purchase a new police car.
They proceeded in a marked police car to the caller's address with the intent of speaking with her directly.
If the police car is moving, its speed is taken into account.
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