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Campus police officers have arrested two suspects and are looking for a third.
Six officers have been suspended after being accused of mistreating suspects last year, the police said.
Three police officers were called to the scene, wrestled the student to the floor, and arrested her.
The survey was compiled with the help of farmers, police officers, and other observers.
Yet the facts show that these police officers are doing a terrific job.
Police officers and prosecutors have suppressed evidence.
In my area two white police officers were shot and killed as an aftermath of a traffic stop several weeks ago.
Bartenders, police officers, and hospital workers routinely identify drunks by their slurred speech.
Introduction to the department's mission and the police officers who carry out that mission.
Police vans, full of more officers and some equipped with water cannons, waited behind them.
Undercover police have been sent to deter abuses by their colleagues, and an ombudsman will investigate complaints.
Then the police said it was too dangerous to walk around the neighborhood alone toting expensive camera gear.
But a strong police presence in a supercritical hot spot doesn't provide a lasting solution.
The picture was sent out to police all over the country.
Police will have to return all items seized during the execution of the warrant.
Armored police vehicles come flying around corners toward taunting students, who pelt them with rocks.
The chief of police has a memorable way of demonstrating that he's not afraid of the drug smugglers.
Police were afraid to enter many areas as street gangs and guerrilla and paramilitary groups fought for control of neighborhoods.
For a thin wafer of metal alloy, a police officer's shield carries remarkable heft.
Find out how real police work compares to what you see on the tube.
Therefore, police try to park close to the road and detect vehicles far downfield.
The police officer stepped into the traffic, blocking our car.
Although emergency crews and police prefer and instruct that civilians stay away.
Police departments around the country are warming up to unmanned spy planes.
Then he dared speak up, to the police and other authorities, demanding to use the new village well.
Police medics were pelted with bottles and other missiles as they tried to treat him according to reports.
Terrorism became the preoccupation of police and politicians, bankers, and business leaders.
More and more police departments are using computer programs to develop digital depictions of potential suspects.
No popular game show contestant would be either beaten by the police or mocked on air.
Salinas took his robot to a rural farmhouse selected by the police.
They police their own communities, which prevents others from poaching.
Despite the precautions, clashes between protesters and the police erupted after the vote and continued into the evening.
They don't need anything from the government except police and roads.
It's always something, she says with a shrug over coffee in the police cafeteria.
Calling the campus police to report a crime may soon go multimedia.
More preparatory propaganda to get you ready to accept the food police telling you what you can and cannot eat.
Some people do it by night, fearing police or private security might question them, or a neighbor might get mad.
His lawyer argued that the drugs had been planted and that the police had not followed the proper procedures in their search.
They identified themselves as police and said they were searching for weapons.
Police said they did not immediately have a count of the number of arrests.
After more waiting, the police radio them back, refuse to show up and state that the seller is allowed to have the skin.
But when the peaceful protesters exited the church, they were met with hostile reactions from the state and local police.
Police rarely consider map theft as important as other crimes.
The police are said to be mounting more patrols to combat the gangs.
In addition, cyber crime seemed to mutate into new enigmatic forms, forcing bewildered police to learn new tricks.
Imagine that you are a police officer in a tough neighborhood where the criminals are heavily armed.
Surveillance cameras caught the ring leader, and local police raided his house, finding a room full of bikes.
Overwhelmed, campus police had difficulty identifying the perpetrators and made only two arrests on game day.
The police station lodging-house, where the soft side of a plank is the regulation couch, is next in order.
The police make occasional schedules of a few and report them to headquarters.
Police have been unable to do much to slow the mayhem.
Many police departments now have their own legal offices and are getting advice from the inside on how to respect due process.
Widespread homophobia and open police persecution can make life dangerous in or out of the closet.
So we're going to head out there shortly to talk to the police.
We need to stop reacting to everything this way, and come up with coherent police policies and treaties with other countries.
He and the rest of the bump team have been using the retired police cruiser below to test the software's abilities.
For example, aerial infrared cameras are used by police to discover cannabis-growing operations.
Their actions were swayed by their views of police-work, which were in turn affected by metaphors.
To illustrate the magnitude of the predicament, imagine a felon hunted by the police.
We are being conditioned to accept the police state.
The hotel serving the questionable lasagna used to be a favorite dining haunt for the local police squad.
When the police stopped him, he looked drunk and became combative.
The police are back in their barracks, and some have even surfaced on the streets.
More has been said, written, and muttered about the police than any other group of public servants.
The police so parked the paddy wagons and the buses that the crowd couldn't witness the arrests.
As he staggered out of the vehicle, he was beaten and thrown onto the bed of a police pick-up truck and driven away.
The police have the suspect under twenty-four-hour surveillance.
Yet no such justification has come to my knowledge in this case, which seems to have exceeded the bounds of police ingenuity.
No matter how forcefully the police break one strike, the natives go on strike somewhere else.
Taxis returned to the streets followed by traffic police, and gasoline began to trickle back to the gas stations.
Local police chiefs who annoy them are simply killed.
The police believed that many of the killings involved gangs and were related to the drug trade.
Increasingly, they rely on the police for control and focus on preserving power.
He does not have a police car or one of his own-not even a bicycle.
Police blocked them peacefully after a few hundred yards, but their bravado drew attention far beyond the art world.
He immediately notified police, who moved in a swat team and lobbed tear gas into the houseboat.
But she does question his wealth of knowledge regarding police procedure.
Finally, someone threw a rock at the head of the dog so that the police could approach and remove the bodies from the train.
Police say their fights continued on the phone after that, and they believe she told him she wanted a divorce.
In his spare time he volunteered as a reserve police officer for the city.
Police reports told of a notebook containing two suicide notes at the scene.

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