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They are choking themselves with history, and as always when history becomes the tool of polemics it exacerbates conflict.
The rhetorical polemics are so unlike the former standards of this once fine magazine.
It has become a shortcut for polemics on both side of the ideological line.
They require pure intellectual curiosity, nuance, not op-ed polemics.
He spends hours a day composing polemics and formal letters in pixels.
It isn't the job of responsible organs of the press to turn fringe polemics into conventional wisdom.
There are dangers in using and dangers in legalization, so one-sided polemics are useless.
Polemics go hand in hand with devising a more congenial, relativistically conceived, alternative.
Her blunt outspokenness risk smearing her image if she continues triggering polemics.
And there was a dangerous tendency in his polemics to emotional strain and visionary distraction.
He wrote too many on occasional themes and theological polemics.
In free society art is not a weapon, and it does not belong to the sphere of polemics and ideology.
New indicators would blast away the obfuscatory polemics of growth--and the devious politics that goes along with it.
Possibly it never gave him more pleasure than when, relatively late in life, he moved from criticism and polemics to memoir.
And writing polemics about their so-called right to smoke is incitement to riot.
We must try to understand why these polemics are resurfacing.
They were well matched: both were self-confident, supremely intelligent, and well trained in the art of polemics.
Our politics are driven not by partisanship or polemics but by kinship and pragmatism.
His poems convey message, but are refreshingly free of polemics.
Polemics can override rational thought and, as a result, policy-making does not follow mature patterns of thinking.
Our intent was to engage on substance and avoid polemics to the extent possible.
Despite these polemics, however, the realities of frontier life encouraged cooperation among the presidio and mission.
Political will depends on political leadership amid a shifting set of incentives, pressures and polemics.

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