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Example sentences for polemical

To have an impact, a polemical argument must be precise and persuasive.
Unlike me, his blogging style is far more professorial and far less polemical.
The point of this short, polemical book is to explain why.
The accusations that fill its pages are the kind scholars regularly hurl at their polemical opponents.
They understood how to channel a polemical argument into a piece of poetry.
The best treat their subjects with nuance and subtlety, while it is the more polemical productions that fall flat.
Inside this ponderous book is a slim polemical volume struggling to get out.
Unbearably tiresome because the comparison is unbearably polemical.
Arguably, these are far more important than her polemical skills, writing or political commentary.
It reflects the author's intense intellectual curiosity and ambition, as well as a polemical streak.
Political consciousness runs deep without necessarily declaring itself in polemical terms.
But politics, as practiced these days by politicians and polemical commentators, is one long trivial game of gotcha.
They consisted principally of old polemical writers, and were much more worn by time than use.
If it's not laugh-out-loud funny, it's still pretty good polemical journalism.
To untangle such an answer from so highly polemical a text is no easy business.
It is too artsy to be folk music, too explicitly political and polemical to be jazz.
More than that, his polemical, left-populist manner seems calculated to drive guardians of conventional wisdom bananas.
On occasion they were roused to judgments with a polemical edge.
We have seen years of wasteful polemical disputes between some parties and leaders.
Many were polemical diatribes written in the heat of the moment.
The polemical nature of the debate has increased public skepticism about the integrity and fairness of the system.
Although polemical, it contains some useful history.

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