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Other researchers have been looking into whether there is a biological basis to the polarized reactions to cilantro's flavor.
The polarized gray lenses are tough, and they create minimal distortion.
The mixture then formed crystals, seen here magnified ten times under specially polarized light.
We're trapped in a polarized state of indifference to each other's complexities and conflicts.
Apparently the society became polarized during the elections.
And that is exactly why our politics are so polarized.
It's as polarized as the comments that usually follow an article on any government activity.
And people are quickly polarized when perhaps, if they were speaking face to face, it would be an easier conversation.
If the energy from which all matter was initially derived was polarized and spinning, it could only spin in one direction.
Even on a cloudy day, the sky still forms a pattern of concentric rings of polarized light with the sun at its center.
The filter converts linearly polarized light into circularly polarized light by slowing down one component of the electric field.
Under kinetic stress, crystals on a sheet of piezoelectric material become electrically polarized, which produces energy.
Polarized specs enable moviegoers to see one image with one eye and the other image with the other.
The sheer scope of the flap gate system has polarized opinion into pro-environment and pro-technology camps.
Our tired, polarized politics have not caught up with these changes.
In our era of polarized politics, the idea of changing someone's mind seems increasingly implausible.
And the national political climate was becoming more febrile and polarized.
But this irrational embrace of cheap gas is about as close to a national consensus as you'll ever get in this polarized country.
Many reacted to the police shooting verdict with a muted reserve, saying the city felt less polarized now.
It is now eminently clear that the two sides are as polarized as ever.
They polarized by race, gender, ethnicity-you name it.
Dalrymple is not wrong, however, to note the polarized nature of the field of imperial history nowadays.
Polarized light itself eventually scatters as it travels through the murk.
All previous work on this topic, however, simply uses difference-of-means tests to determine when these two groups are polarized.
And this happens not because the photons were both horizontally polarized from the beginning.
Polarized light shines up from the bottom of the track.
Under polarized light, the fat of a cow is an expanse of purple blobs.
My point is people get so polarized at both ends they miss so much.
Squids, by the way, are sensitive to polarized light.
Basically, chiral molecules will cause the angle of plane-polarized light to rotate.
One camera receives horizontally polarized light, while the other receives vertically polarized light.
The sample material is first polarized with a magnet.
Now beam in the linearly polarized light, left and right shoes.
Yet the world is nothing if not more diverse and polarized.
The court is more polarized than it's been in easily a generation.
Polarized neutrons as a tool for instrumentation and novel polarized neutron optics.

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