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Fortunately, it's easy to rewire an outlet with reversed polarity.
Every election establishes a polarity that's wider than the reality.
Variations in the magnetic polarity even revealed joins where one pipe met another.
But oils and many other organic compounds have weak or no polarity and cause such gels to collapse.
The scientists believe the continued influx is due to the way in which the polarity changed.
It was the phasing of the polarity on two tape machines.
Our nation's polarity would be aided by a little less self-aggrandizement.
Such distinctions feed polarity and depreciate the integrity of the court.
Mahan separated these functions and reversed their polarity.
Murphy also captures the polarity of good and evil in such times.
It is time for us to put aside fear, hatred and polarity.
The photograph had reversed the polarity of the planet.
Perhaps this is all a prelude to the reversal of polarity that is known to take place.
If the polarity and frequency is compatible, the exchange and/or transfer take place.
All quantum computation exploits the quantum nature of an electron's spin or a photon's polarity.
Humanity fails to view gravity as a function of polarity with light it's intensity modifier.
Binary information can be represented also by the spin of an electron or the polarity of a photon.
As the wheel turns, its motion breaks the circuit powering the magnets and connects a new circuit with opposite polarity.
Responding to a battery's polarity, the atoms of one element would go thisaway, the atoms of another thataway.
He also investigated the rocks surrounding the bones and studied date indicators, such as their magnetic polarity.
Then polarity of the leads was checked against the battery three times.

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