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The poor old polar bear already suffered badly enough from the hunters.
Or peeking out of a tent and being face to face with a polar bear.
Unless you happen to live near their habitat, next time you visit the zoo, take a good look at the polar bear.
However, the polar bear's skull is structurally weaker.
One of the consequences of this is that grizzly bears are encroaching into polar bear territory.
The sad way a polar bear at the zoo, retracing its own steps in an endless loop, is fascinating.
If you believe in the importance of cuddly looking polar bear cubs today then the answer would have to be yes.
In case of an emergency such as a hungry polar bear, we'll hear a hand-held air horn instead.
Predictions of polar bear extinction may be what saves them.
Get ready for polar bear hugs with this bright long-sleeved tee and legging set.
Polar bear cubs are born inside a snow den, and are tiny and helpless at birth.
T rex dwarfed today's largest living land carnivore, the polar bear.
The consider looking for polar bear diamond jewellery.
Perhaps the proposed dolphin will get eaten by the much more logical polar bear mascot.
When you see footage of a polar bear walking in the snow, your heart melts.
Polar bear movements are influenced by the accessibility of seals, their primary prey.

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Professor Fate: My apologies. There's a polar bear in our car.... more
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