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The region appears heavily cratered, particularly in the north and south polar regions.
The winds pulls cold air toward the equator from the polar regions and bring warm air toward the poles.
Or there may be a sudden influx of cold polar water toward the equator.
It was a polar-orbiting satellite, moving steadily from south to north, that didn't appear on the heavens-above website.
The validity of a government biologist's study of polar bears and global warming has been questioned.
That's why the image of the polar bear drowning as its icebergs melt is such a good messenger for the dangers of global warming.
Planes in polar routes aren't climbing or descending while in polar areas.
The polar regions are frequently neglected in discussions of the environment, but they shouldn't be.
Polar bears are the poster animals for wildlife threatened by climate change.
Polar bears may be threatened, but they aren't yet doomed.
In case of an emergency such as a hungry polar bear, we'll hear a hand-held air horn instead.
Polar species heat up one of paleontology's great debates.
Polar bears and traditional native communities face threats, while entrepreneurs seek new opportunities.
Talk diversity all you want, but also respect the rights of others whose views are the polar opposites of yours.
There is, of course, plenty of evidence that greenery and growth are not polar opposites.
Here's why you really don't want to encounter a polar bear in the wild.
But to understand exactly how climate change is affecting the polar regions, the thickness of the ice needs to be known too.
Get ready for polar bear hugs with this bright long-sleeved tee and legging set.
Much of the world's water is stored in glaciers and the great polar ice sheets.
Hopefully at some point the moderation between these supposedly polar opposites will come to be the trend.
Not all the ships have the covered lifeboats recommended for polar conditions.
Success and failure are not polar opposites: you often need to endure the second to enjoy the first.
What's more, some climate models suggest that global warming will increase the average strength of polar winds.
Kids can print detailed illustrations of polar bears and other animals to color or use in school projects.
Besides, anything involving polar bears is objectively newsworthy.
As rising temperatures melt the polar ice cap, five countries race to map their claims to a new energy frontier.
Fringe benefits are nearly the polar opposite of sucking.
In their choice of subject matter they were polar opposites.
It's a polar molecule, meaning that each end of it has a different electrical charge that attracts and repels different materials.
Moreover, blocking the warmer air causes the temperatures to sink even lower, causing more polar atmospheric clouds to form.
Most interesting is how chief executives can appear to be polar opposites.
Producing oil and gas in polar regions is not entirely new, of course.
With their slightly webbed paws and powerful muscles, polar bears are excellent swimmers.
Space exploration is today's equivalent of polar expeditions and other great feats of exploration and engineering.
They always find room to write about ducks and polar bears.
For example, if people believe that polar bears live in both regions, students should draw polar bears in both regions on the map.
Outside of the lab, nothing is quite so miserable for a warm-blooded creature as a polar winter.
Huge plumes of this have been reported in polar seas.
These are the polar ends of the multi-speed recession, and the story begins with housing.
Fallows contends that the world can become multi-polar, and can have many thriving economies.
The freezing conditions, not to mention polar bears, should put off any unwelcome visitors.
The retreat of the polar ice cap is making the region easier to work in, and there is thought to be lots of oil and gas to tap.
The poor old polar bear already suffered badly enough from the hunters.
In the emerging multi-polar world, there are rooms for many winners.
The polar ice caps are shrinking and the desert areas are increasing.
Accustomed to thinking of polar bears in a snow-blown, wind-swept atmosphere, this seemed an unlikely spot to go looking for them.
His aloof, innovative approach to the simple story says as much as the plot itself in which two cousins symbolize polar opposites.
Another is that it's a polar molecule, so that it dissolves a lot of things, and there are things that won't mix with it.
The guillemot, a seabird that depends on ice, is losing its habitat and falling prey to polar bears desperate for food.
But polar explorer is perhaps his best known and hardest-won.
The unexpected peak rises from the center of a crater in the asteroid's south polar region.
Typically, a polar bear enclosure is only one millionth the size of its minimum home range.
The satellite's polar orbit will allow it to focus on especially desirable regions for human activities.
Maybe the polar bear will be that symbol in a century.
Life may still be able to hold out in the polar regions.
Ocean currents are slow, and in any case tend to be pole-wards in polar regions.
There are absolutely tons of reports of people being cured of mental illnesses including depression and bi-polar disorder.
One possible outcome is that the rapid melting of polar ice halts the ocean currents that distribute heat.
In the extremely dry polar regions the air can contain almost no water vapor.
Most likely, the warmer temperatures would have melted the north polar sea ice.
We see ice in the polar caps, and we've seen it revealed under the surface by small meteorite impacts.
They're ice-resistant, and could be used to coat instruments in polar conditions.
Our planet is being warmed by the sun it funny to see that polar icecaps on other planets in our solar system are also melting.
Fortunately, the magnitude of that feedback is low except in polar regions.
We would push the polar species and alpine species off the planet.
Other polar bears do not den, but are active year-round.
Water is a polar molecule which means that it has a negatively charged end and a positively charged end.

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