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Remove the condom from its package, being careful not to tear or poke a hole in it while opening the package.
It's easy to poke fun at professors who depart from scholarly writing to tell the stories of their lives.
All of which would be expected to make for a preachy, smug volume, in which scientists haughtily poke fun at the foolish.
They poke out into the photosphere as loops, prominences, and those enigmatic signposts of solar activity-sunspots.
As the vine grows, poke protruding branches back inside the cylinder.
Students later decided to hold a demonstration to poke fun at the outcome of their previous protest.
They are not for foreigners to poke their noses into.
Poke around historic villages, take in a concert, or pull up a pub chair.
Then try to poke holes in the models and measurements.
Some of these productions have religious or historical themes, some are satirical and poke fun at our unique culture.
Dip the other end of the wire into the glue, then poke it into the straw base, on one side of the rose.
Poke it in the hole on the cog side of the hub, turn the screw inside a few revolutions, and the hub locks down.
The evening begins a week of lectures, discussions and performances that poke into various nooks of science.
Other researchers read them, poke holes in them, try to replicate them and use them as the basis for their own studies.
It may be carried on the boots and gear of humans who poke about in caves.
They use their bills to poke about and search for hidden meals and try to remain close to brush in which they can hide.
We could have a written exchange, where each side gets to carefully review and poke holes in what the other side.
Add the celeriac chunks and stock or water and simmer until the celery root yields easily to the poke of a fork.
However, it's possible that the change from one version to another might mean you have to poke around more to find it.
When prime ministers poke into other people's business, they have usually been prodded by popular feeling.
Then have them poke holes in one end of the box and cut a viewing hole in the other.
Poke fun and make jokes about religious nitwits and right wing blowhards.
Starting on the inside of the foam ring, poke these shortened stems into the foam so the flower heads sit flat and petals touch.
Apple has been known to poke fun at its rivals' catch-up strategies.
Gently poke any discolored areas with a screwdriver to make sure the wood is solid and not rotting or waterlogged.
Turn the cell-pack upside down and poke plants out by pushing with your thumbs on the bottom of each cell.
Spurs you to poke people with no regard for the consequences.
He is also encouraging the beast to poke its nose into the nooks and crannies of people's private lives.
Poke holes in the bottoms of trays intended for planters.
Choose ones that are angular enough to be stackable but rounded enough that they won't poke holes in your liner.
Poke a few small holes in the foil with the tip of a different pen.
Poke a wooden skewer through the center of each cup's bottom to create a hole for the stem.
Poke a hole in the larger end of the egg, which is where the air pocket is, with a good sturdy tack.
Any columnist or opponent of the president will use it to poke fun at him.
Using the poker, poke through the paper making dots along each outline on the pattern.
The sort of combination, in other words, that tempts the army to poke its head out of the barracks again.
Poke a hole through the center of the circle and tape it over one end of the tube.
Poke holes, either with a drill or with a hammer and a nail, in the side of the garbage can.
Ever wary, he might poke his head or body out of the brush a few minutes later-or perhaps not.
Ask each group to poke holes in one end of the box and cut a viewing hole in the other.
Carefully use the pushpin or sewing needle to poke a hole into the foil.
Drill or poke holes in wood, metal or plastic containers to allow water to drain from the bottom of the planters.
Use a pitchfork to poke holes and turn the compost pile inside-out once per week.
Poke around your state park's website and you may be surprised at what you find.
Poke the cloves into the lemon rind and cover the whole fruit.
Apply fresh caulking with a caulking gun and poke open the weep holes immediately.
Poke around the school's web site and try to get a feel for it.
The tale has become a thing of poke bonnets and petty gossip.
Beware of people trying to pat or poke your belly though.
They poke at it with long sticks, looking for bodies.
At this point, we'd usually chuckle and poke fun at a gadget so sharply focussed on one single job.
But it was never clear what he was trying to poke fun at.
And your supervisor is definitely not allowed to poke into medical issues that don't affect your ability to perform your job.
Poke three holes in the ingredients with the handle of a wooden spoon.
But until then, please mind your own business and don't poke around and oppose for opposition's sake.
Many big city zoos offer similar programs if you poke around.
Get two kids excited about something and it's harder for a third to poke fun at them.
Few artistic experiences are harder to bear than sendups that seem more dated than the traditional works they poke fun at.
Poke handle of a wooden spoon through mixture to let liquid reach all parts of dish.
And if anyone found a hole in my back-of-the-envelope calculations, feel free to poke away.
Using handle of a wooden spoon, poke seven deep holes in rice.
Poke one with a stick or oar, and it'll bob up and down.
Even the publicity barrage gets a pointed poke upfront.
Then you can all go to dinner and poke at your phones instead of talking to each other.
He seems to believe that the bank or pool, in the early days, was called the poke.
Nevertheless they tease and worry, poke and tickle the animal continually, so that he is surly and snappish.
No matter what new arguments are presented, though, someone will no doubt poke holes in the argument.
Luckily the layer you uncover when you poke the data is, in fact, rich with meaning.
We poke fun at people, but they don't get destroyed.
And, oh heart, four fat exhaust pipes poke out the back.
Firth is the first one to poke fun at himself, to go to lengths to deflate any sense of self-importance.
Poke two holes near the top of the trouser leg to tie some string through.
There are no exposed heating elements nor a grille that little fingers can poke through.
Its purpose is to poke fun at the other indexes that people don't understand.
Sharp sticks, hurtful and pointed, sticks to poke and prod an angry people into easily biddable groups.
By constantly trying to poke holes in the theory, he made it both stronger and clearer.
Those interested in more should click through to the paper and poke around the footnotes.
She says evil spirits poke sticks through the floor slats sometimes when she is resting in her wooden, stilted house.
To heal the brain, scientists are trying to poke through the shield that isolates it from the rest of the body.
On the contrary, you are fun to observe and poke in order to test hypotheses about your state of mind and thought processes.
The few more notable attempts to poke fun at our politics and politicians have been decidedly off target.
Poke small holes in the bottom of the filled cup to allow water to run through.
The poke program offers a program where students get to make a leather pouch to store their precious treasures.
Poke holes for inserting the quills in the birch bark along the lines in the design.
Poke a quill up through one hole and down through a hole opposite it in the design.
In contrast to surf fishing, poke poling is a strictly intertidal fishery.
Feel free to poke around and see if any of the unpolished products strike your fancy.
Always cut off all of the visible fat, and remove or poke holes in the skin.

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