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Together, the whole is a quite extraordinary feat of structural engineering, using poise and balance in place of brute strength.
It's all about finding a balance between heritage and hip, poise and playfulness.
No, it was not their colors: it was the poise and balance of the period itself.
You try to give him as much dignity and poise as possible.
But the young woman retained her poise throughout the ordeal, and her captors could not prove witchcraft.
And thus made him lose all his poise.
Though the moral poise is admirable, its art is not very moving.
He has neither the poise nor the panache.
This same poise, however, sometimes renders the artwork static and the banter and movement of the text is lost.
Hillary recovered from a tremendous personal and political disappointment with grace and poise.
If an umpire has poise he has it at the start of the season, and it stays with him throughout the season, at every game he works.
When talking about collegiality, we're talking about a lot more than poise.
And he handled the news with typical poise.
It was this grounding that helped them endure and enjoy their success with such amazing poise.
But this week, with their jumps and spins and uncommon poise, it certainly looks as if one of them could be the one.
His poise was particularly evident on the back nine.
Their commitment, dedication and poise while dealing with this situation undoubtedly resulted in a life being saved.

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