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They were small and had downward-pointing, jawless mouths, indicating they lived by sucking and filtering food from the seabed.
Dig a shallow basin and set in the rhizomes, leaf fans pointing out, in a circle.
Also, the lowest paid teacher salaries, without also pointing out they have the highest graduation rates.
The opposition is sceptical, pointing out that it has failed to do this with any of its other channels.
Some have explained this by pointing to rapidly rising productivity figures.
On the one hand, the exhibits pointing to a sharp slowdown caused by the credit crunch are piling up ominously.
More and more signs are pointing to a punishing slowdown-with a recession looking likelier by the day.
They have long enjoyed pointing out the unintended consequences of government policies.
Questions have to be answerable with a nod of the head, or by pointing to the window where the sniper is lurking.
Use two beam signals pointing at different locations at the receiving planet.
For generations, tinkerers have been pointing out how much their projects will lighten the load of housework.
But they were not pointing to true north, which they could have located using the sun as reference.
The editorial's pointing out of the problems with other energy sources is appreciated, but does not go far enough.
My high school physics students enjoyed pointing out the error.
He's not comforted by the upbeat, concluding note pointing out dinosaurs' evolutionary connection to today's birds.
Once inside the car, the poachers were surprised to find the other two rangers pointing their guns at them.
Switch to your right hand, and you're pointing south.
Review students' knowledge of the continents by pointing to them on a wall map and having students call out their names.
For example, some groups of anomalies seem to be pointing in one direction.
The twin jets are now pointing in different directions than these features.
Specialists have not been negligent in pointing out the situation.
The pointing out of this meaning, the interpretation of this error, gives us no difficulty.
And psychologists and economists seemingly never tire of pointing this out to us.
Commentators often attempt to refute the nothing-to-hide argument by pointing to things people want to hide.
Many indicators are pointing to a critical shortage of engineers among the current high school generation.
Pointing out this connection in a one-page letter is no easy task and can be time-consuming.
The ethics of criticism requires pointing out the faults in a colleague's thinking.
The tip of ball will actually be pointing away from your target at this point.
Pointing at one brings up a text bubble identifying a location of interest: a university, a racetrack, a library.
Instead of pointing cameras at actor, they put the cameras directly on the performers.
It is also worth pointing out that brands usually have a fair amount of first-party data about the visitors to their websites.
To begin to answer that question, it's worth pointing out that today's social safety net isn't tomorrow's social safety net.
The searchlight beam is faintly visible pointing aft from atop her pilothouse.
Doug hollers, pointing to the taut net line off our stern.
Order by pointing at various dishes at the counter and they'll be delivered to a communal table.
There's something dreary about pointing out the historical inaccuracies of a period drama.
Neither really has the appearance of a carp, because their mouths are not the downward-pointing mouths of bottom-feeding fish.
The arrowhead motif pointing both up and down, is repeated symmetrically throughout the design.
The stage is, it turns out, an enormous screen pointing up.
Thinks much to be done in scenting commercial products, pointing to accomplishments which mark beginning.
She kept flicking her hand at me and trying to shoo me toward a chair, then pointing at the sign.
Her favorite mood is the indicative, pointing to things.
The links that had once mattered were the ones you offered on your blog, the so-called outbound links pointing to other sites.
Hence, you cannot indict an entire culture by pointing to the behavior of a specific subset of that culture.
To my way of thinking, that is both necessary and promising in pointing toward useful reform.
Magnetic sensors and accelerometers determine where the device is pointing.
Cell towers use this tactic, with several antennas pointing in different directions to better serve users.
Someday, people may interact with computers by pointing beams of light at their screens.
Meanwhile, carriers around the world are pointing to data services as their fastest-growing business units.
One will be carrying a handheld device about the size of a cell phone and pointing it at something he or she likes.
It is also pointing to simple ways to reduce the problem.
Interesting how this is pointing right back at them.
Imagine sitting on such a surface with two flashlights, both pointing radially and close together.
What is needed is velocities along the jet to get a handle on the pointing.
It also accentuates the long, long streamers pointing directly away from the center.
Light colored streaks pointing down the crater wall indicate slides do occur.

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