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Point out that the level of technological development and various traditions can strongly influence these variables.
They point out that the proliferation of illegal billboards is bad for business because it distracts attention from legal ones.
The first two comments point out a problem with a non-lawn solution: the initial cost of plants is much higher than sod.
Then the original scientists point out the others' systematic errors and fatal flaws in understanding.
He gets paid to come here and point out the expense but delivers an article on the cheap.
As the researchers point out, many plants can't set fruit until they have been visited by a bee.
Some of the administration's defenders point out that science and politics have always been strained bedfellows.
It is well to point out that the chemical approach does not provide a complete solution to the problem of protein structure.
The authors of the study point out that this mind-set makes sense in light of history.
The idea was to point out that a lot of people were finding spurious correlations in meaningless data.
But cases such as this point out that you actually need fingerprints for identification.
Both researchers point out that the affected behaviours could impact the ability of fish species to thrive in the wild.
It also indicates a frustration with people who point out inadequacies in your viewpoints.
He uses this example to point out the relative influence of the different forest functions.
It is quite easy to point out changes that might be made in secondary school work.
Point out that tigers have intrinsic value as well as financial value as a draw for tourists.
Point out the location of the spill on the same map.
The students will probably point out the computer, water and soda bottles, and other objects on the right side of the screen.
Point out that the thumb is a body part that provides an advantage when using a tool.
Show students a map of the solar system and point out the planets.
Point out the lines on the map that show where people moved, or migrated.
Point out that precipitation is represented by bars, while temperature is represented by points connected by a line.
Point out that bold section headings are clues to what the writer thinks are important ideas.
If they don't notice it themselves, point out that some students' drawings show waves that are farther apart than others.
Point out the bright yellow and red areas on this image.
Point out that the word sunflower is made up of two words that are put together.
They might say no, but point out that these regions generally have a wet and a dry season.
Point out the fact that some animals are predators but never prey, and some are only prey.
Point out that regions are created by people to more easily define places that share similar characteristics.
Point out that none of these are in aquariums-they are all out in the open, where the animals are free to come and go.
Naturally, point out the good paraphrases and note why and how they're good.
Good teachers know how to point out the virtues in the best work without making a fuss over it.
But scientist managers can't simply point out a mistake.
As the comments sections of columns now show, an army of critics stands ready to point out an author's mistakes and shortcomings.
Instead, she will point out that your students will always be less attentive and respectful than you were at their age.
Better yet, your advocate could point out how your perceived weaknesses at your old department might be strengths in your new one.
During the cruise the captain will point out significant landmarks in the skyline.
Have her list all her current duties and point out the ones she really shouldn't be involved in.
But the priests are keen to point out that only they do the preaching.
Business people have been at pains to point out that it is unfair to judge all of their kind by the misdeeds of a few.
Part of the problem, as the estate agents' lobby was anxious to point out, was the weather.
The mining companies point out the huge benefits the project brings in terms of employment, tax revenue and foreign exchange.
Providing a totally free service would, they also point out, be certain to create additional demand.
Experts point out that changes in prices for crude oil on the west coast track broader trends in the rest of the world.
But as sceptics point out, while such evidence certainly suggests a violent end, it does not necessarily mean a gastronomic one.
Officials point out that opponents of the dams have failed to propose a feasible alternative.
They point out that conventional medicines must be shown to be both safe and efficacious before they can be licensed for sale.
The problem, as the survey respondents point out, is that such jobs rarely offer full-time work.
Previous calls for reform have been swatted away by sympathetic politicians, who point out that mining creates jobs.
The authors point out that countries might have suffered disasters anyway, without being showered with money.
As the authors point out, the engineered virus boosted a memory that was formed before it was even present.
First, let me point out that some of these circus acts probably aren't for the generation of power.
The main difference, as people who race on dirt are keen to point out, is speed.
It would not be uninteresting to point out the causes of the pleasure given by this extravagant and absurd diction.
We must be able to point out in detail the origin of these fancies, even if only by conjecture.
We only point out a principle of human nature, which is universally acknowledged, and which is well known by its effects.
It is scarcely necessary to point out that the bigger and more ambitious the house, the more perfect its appointments must be.
It is unnecessary to point out the extravagant conclusions to which such a proposition leads.
As critics point out, presumed consent wouldn't fully alleviate the organ shortage.
There would still be plenty of opportunity to point out metaphors and similes.
As many people have written in to point out, the sign of a modern protest movement is the omnipresence of cameras.
He frequently makes an effort to point out that he thinks they're motivated by patriotism or sincere inquiry.
It's necessary to point out the economic costs of long-term unemployment.
In fact, it seems to me that they're missing a great opportunity to point out a way it might be done better.
It generally would help if various media would point out who pays what in taxes.
Of course, one might point out that the labor and energy saved by the delivery brings the price points closer together.
Wages, they point out, are not only costs but also aids to productivity and purchasing power.
Nevertheless, it may be worth while to point out one or two features of general appearance which can be reported in words.
Experts are quick to point out that employment simulations and similar computer-based hiring techniques are not tests.
It occurred to me that they needed a guide, someone to point out all the things they were unable to understand.
They were each at pains to point out that it is a mistake to read too much into one month's figures, or one individual survey.
You're chatting to some friends at a party and they point out someone standing in a different part of the room.
The scientists point out that catching on to temporal patterns is no mean feat, even for humans.
Two new studies, looking at cinnamon and fish oil, point out both the drawbacks and benefits of dietary supplements.
But, the researchers point out, these findings only apply to conflict and overconfidence on a small scale.
Scientists point out that the duration of a day can change depending on different geological events.
The researchers point out that this was an observational study, so no cause-and-effect relationship can be established.
But as you point out, they were also all about literacy.
These words, as critics did not take long to point out, were glaringly inappropriate for her style of government.
We all make mistakes, and it is our duty to point out each others' mistakes, for the honor of the profession.
As you point out, our views are shaped by experiences that coincide on some points, and differ significantly in others.
The consequence, as the study's authors point out, was to stymie any real debate on public policy.
In fact, the narrator is the first to point out the fictional quality of his story.
The next step is to point out that mind-boggling immensity seems to be one of the points of the exercise.
We journalists try to point out the exaggerations and criticize them, then let the voters decide.
They point out that two wires become maximally twisted when no more rotations can be added with deforming the double helix.
Today, they point out that carpet cloaks have a flaw that makes the objects within them detectable.
He's careful to point out that the economics are by no means certain at this point.
But other experts point out that peer-to-peer file sharing is unlikely to disappear.
They point out that these molecules do not seem to exploit entanglement.
What's more, imaging studies point out only correlations between brain activity and behavior.
They also point out that the programming is much easier too, thanks to the many high level programming languages available today.

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