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Point out that the level of technological development and various traditions can strongly influence these variables.
At some brief point in time, the water is about the same temperature at the surface as at the depths.
Because the energy levels of atoms are thought to be constant, atomic clocks use specific atoms as the point of reference.
To access a satellite view of your location and nearby landmarks, simply point the phone's camera at the ground.
Readers' experiences with transportation alternatives point the way to a more efficient and healthier future for public transit.
Someone in a previous thread mentioned that he uses a total point system for grades, rather than percentages.
And one example it used to point to as a source of pride was the world-beating high-speed train system.
Another thing to consider when taking your picture is your point of view.
The earlier replies to this question established the implausibility of drawing on the zero point energy for practical use.
The western point probably served a more technical, calendrical purpose.
He starts with a focal point in the center, then builds a composition around it.
Gets the point across, elicits a response, but also drives toward a solution.
In such a situation, you don't simply point or shout, even though those are natural inclinations.
The economy, he says, has already been squeezed to the point of collapsing.
Ask students to write an essay from the point of view of a tornado survivor.
One point the article fails to make is that web publishing is so much more conducive to multimedia communication.
Remove side stems on the trunk up to the point where you want branching to begin.
Suppose there were two point charges, both positive but one is held in place.
Four million euros in funding for the new focal point.
The exact causality can only be speculated at this point but the correlations are robust.
The vertical lines in the picture of the tower are all getting further away and therefore they all converge to a point.
From the point of view of the sailor who dropped the rock, the rock falls straight down.
Then the slope rises ever more steeply as bacteria proliferate until it reaches an inflection point.
At this point some might wonder if internationalization of higher education is really dead.
Moreover, the president can point to genuine successes.
All of us have had links with industry at some point.
Scholars in the field point to three sources of trouble.
And we're stretching our supplies to the breaking point.
If he included everything everyone feels is important, then there would be no point in having it as an article on a website.
When the trough is full, its balance point is again at the center.
Ask students to point to the part of their body where they would find their femur.
With an access point in mind, you should have an idea of the necessary equipment.
My point here is that these two students may not realize they're being disruptive.
Point of view is what successful media have trafficked in for centuries.
The point is clearest in the context of formal grievances.
The terrain is barren and brown, austere to the point of hostility.
Although that is not the main point at all, and any implications for greenhouse gases would be indirect and ambiguous.
The point really isn't the response of the moms, it's the lack of response of the brand.
Still the focal point of many interior living spaces, the latest fireplaces look anything but traditional.
In such a society, all the incentives point to having large families.
Let us start by defining a direction in space: a direction exactly opposite the sun, called the antisolar point.
At the center, a large glazed pot filled with perennials creates a focal point.
At one point he said that if it had been another magazine, he would have told us to get lost.
At some point in many professors' careers, they want to move.
Because the cement never gets wet enough to create a paste, there's little point in adding pigment to this type of project.
The real point of such accounts has nothing to do with health care or dependent care.
Events, changes at national level are too far away to understand and from point of effective participation.
The upraised spear point almost touched the ceiling.
Designers installed a limestone vanity in the corner, creating a focal point without blocking traffic more.
The giraffe's slender legs point skyward, then swing sideways as it collapses in the desert dust.
For this reason, high elevation cooking generally takes longer since boiling point is a function of atmospheric pressure.
Her point of view is that of a seasoned city dweller, anonymous, uninvolved-amused.
But medical technology finally reached the point where surgeons could reach the point.
It is an absolutely integral requirement, but it sort of misses the point.
The point isn't so much that what happens to our sewage reaches into every crevice of our culture.
The dining room's focal point is not the chandelier, as is often the case, but the window treatment.
High-intensity radiation suddenly sweeps in from across the universe, in a spherical pattern focused on a point in space.
At the triple point the substance can act as any of the three depending upon slight variations in conditions.
At some point, you may move into a home with a tired, worn lawn.
There's no point in wasting water by trying to keep alive scraggly or diseased plants.
The receptacle is the point at which the floral parts attach to the tip of the specialized stem bearing the flower.
On older plants, cut back twig ends during dormancy to the point where flower buds are widely spaced.
Indeed that could be the point, supposing it deters free-riders.
At some point, he will have to disappoint one of them.
If coverage is the new law's strong point, cost control is its weakness.
Your point of view is probably also framed by personal experience and by anecdotal evidence.
Once a term arrives at that point, it is essentially useless.
It's no coincidence that these are all images of ingestion, of a feast that has gone far past the point of pleasure.
There is no doubt that it should be viewed in the global context and not solely from a domestic point of view.
The way one looks at this topic really depends on one's point of view.
The head is aligned to the summer solstice sunset and the coils may point to the winter solstice sunrise.
At the narrowest point on the ledge, they stepped in three footholds carved by the ancients.
If your words or images are not on point, making them dance in color won't make them relevant.
There used to be a break-even point below which it was impractical to distribute a recording.
Finding the right point of view is often the key to making fresh pictures.
For rainy days, there are a number of reasonably priced weatherproof point-and-shoot cameras on the market.
Add slowly to remaining mixture, stirring constantly until boiling-point is reached.
Cover closely, and cook slowly four hours, keeping liquor below the boiling-point.
Stir, place on range, and heat gradually to boiling point.
There is no use running: to set out betimes is the main point.
Bring to boiling-point, and let boil sixteen minutes.
Bring quickly to boiling-point, then let simmer until meat is tender.
Actually, despite the portability point, it is reasonably coherent.
The arguments for academic tenure have always struck me as pretty weak, and more to the point, transparently self-serving.
Supplements are an example of how scientists interpret research in different ways, depending on point of view.
No point talking about flights and meeting him at the airport.
The definition may appear before or after the additional hint, frequently without any punctuation to mark the point of division.
In your new collection the protagonists are varied in terms of gender and age and point of view.
The toddlers would point at me and simply cry, sensing evil.
You've probably already been cooking for an hour or more at this point.
At this point, add some of the dressing to prevent the noodles from sticking.
Bev designed his abattoir by getting down on his hands and knees to see it from an animal's point of view.
If it becomes tender and recognizable, you have missed the point.
If you've never been there, you enter it at the point of a triangle, and the restaurant expands and soars before you.
Reusing antique frames is a point of pride for many beekeepers.
Fold bottom of rice paper over filling and begin rolling up tightly, stopping at halfway point.
Restaurant chefs have turned it into something decadent, but that's not the point here.
Okay, it's not a point of view that leaves a lot of room for canned tuna.
But whether it matches your idea of what perfect bread is, that's rather beside the point.
We transformed it, every step designed to get it to this point.
They point out that two wires become maximally twisted when no more rotations can be added with deforming the double helix.
Point the camera of a tablet computer or phone at a landmark, and watch as information about the building appears on the screen.
We have been able to communicate with those robotic devices and with manned missions using point-to-point radio communications.
Most techniques, however, rely on specialized equipment to focus the ultrasound waves to a tiny point.
Now engineers and physicists are seeking ways to adapt optical systems to move data from point to point inside computers.
The results point to a more effective way of studying cystic fibrosis and finding drugs to treat it.
The market for point-of-care diagnostics could potentially be huge because of the benefits it offers.
The work could point the way toward early treatment for these acute blast injuries by identifying potential drug targets.
One accelerometer is located under the grip, preferably at a point between the two hands.
And failure at any point in the string can shut down the whole system.
But from the point of view of the drug companies, it's easy to see why moving clinical trials overseas is so appealing.
They get that the point of the movie was that it was supposed to be smashing the cookie-cutter comedy movie into a million pieces.
At one point, during the early cable news days days, it was maybe half-true.
In the rotunda, which is the lobby where you walk in, there is this stunning chandelier-a major focal point of the theater.
So you were working on that album and at some point you decided to try something new.
At that point, he was no longer taking photographs, and was focusing on writing.
Prudence and tact compelled me to say little on this point.
The number of members of the family who kept diaries seems from our point of view incredible.
But the words also suggest that it is not the artist's theme that is the point but how it is brought off.
Above all, the wonderful abilities of living things seemed to point to a creator who had a special interest in life.
Below is the list of agency point of contacts for the terms of service agreements.

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