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Example sentences for poignancy

The sad poignancy of the drinking clergyman who lost his faith comes to mind.
These contrasts give the photograph a sense of poignancy.
But then the poignancy of what's being told about in those scrawls hits you.
Around every strange and colorful corner is a lurking poignancy.
These images lose none of their poignancy or power in this familiarity.
Sometimes, there is poignancy and emotional relief to be found in smiling.
Heavy clouds are gathering on the geopolitical horizon, which lends a special poignancy to the domestic comings and goings.
Beyond that, the holiday will have more than the usual poignancy and significance.
Lodge members remember the glory years with a special poignancy.
And this makes for painful diffusion of the play's obvious poignancy.
The meadowlark-there is a poignancy about going back there and not hearing the meadowlarks anymore because of the lack of habitat.
Their instinct for detecting false postures and brewed-up causes adds poignancy to the genuine grievances they describe.
To be fair, there is a certain poignancy to his stories and they are not poorly written.
With a poignancy peculiar to photographic images, the past is captured while its obliteration is strongly implied.
His films' blend of freedom and precision, of frivolity and poignancy, is singular and delicious.
Your introduction lacked poignancy because you threw it out there without thinking about it.
Dillon gives depth and poignancy to a one-joke character.
While ironing out the original story, the movie adds a wrinkle that will impress many a reviewer with its poignancy.
In those days the phrase had an almost tragic poignancy.
For her versatile columns exploring life and the concerns of a metropolis with whimsy and poignancy.
To heighten the irony and poignancy of her message, her cutouts are normally wall-size installations.
Thousands of photographs, recordings, and motion picture images capture the poignancy of these times.
Needless to say, the irony of the band's name added poignancy to their performance.
His own foreign origin and personal achievements gave his message a special meaning and poignancy.
The poignancy of this image is more representative of the aftermath.
Their poignancy, for me, lies in the degree to which their efforts were in vain.
Those attacks continue to carry much poignancy for us, because of the direct loss to the panel.

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