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The bard needed to remember hours and hours of poetry, and the combination of meter, rhyme and song enabled him to do so.
No one at all reads literary scholarship, and there is far too much poetry for any human being to read.
Lyrics are filled with symbolism, and singers sometimes use made-up sounds to help create the stories and rhythmic poetry.
Such a language is the very language of poetry.
For like poetry they come upon truth by laying the feelings bare.
Ours is an age without poetry, and this is not news.
The charms of poetry have long been lost on me.
This collection should attract readers of his fiction and fans of his poetry alike.
Part physics, part poetry--the fledgling un-discipline finds commercial opportunity.
Second, his poetry is relatively difficult to find.
If you can describe these things in a meaningful way you have poetry.
Before the days of iPhones and netbooks, when even printed books were scarce, poetry was the measure of a man.
The history of poetry publishing is littered with lost books, vanished presses and poets abandoned to oblivion.
It is such nuances within language that make subtle concepts and poetry beautiful.
All the essays are interesting, many are fascinating, and a few are pure poetry.
Add in all the other subtle body language and you have poetry that will forever be beyond the laboratory.
From a strictly empirical perspective it is meaningless, as is poetry and other non-empirical literature.
And he knew more poetry by heart than anybody else in the cell.
Some do this with statecraft or conquest, with science or art, with discovery or poetry.
He also ramped up humanities programs and established two endowed chairs in poetry.
He was a voracious reader and a lover of poetry and cadence.
At age five, she developed the ability to make herself weep while performing tragic poetry.
Listen to beautiful poetry or create your own whimsical verse.
There was a kind of poetry to the storytelling in which the lives of other animals formed essential parts of the narrative.
Our meeting was the beginning of a friendship that would add some poetry to my rootball-toting life.
And there are oceans of memoirs and poetry books, often printed in runs of one.
His critical treatment of the poetry is cursory and uninspired.
Not merely the need for a job restrained him, but the forms and traditions of poetry itself.
The first book-length collection of poetry in more than a decade from one of our arts and literature reviewers.
Seen in the shadow of the poetry, the drawings seem empty.
Much of it rubs against the grain of contemporary poetry.
Anxious to transform the prosaic into the romantic, his admirers speak of a poet of light and the poetry of silence.
Instead, he saved himself for poetry, with a reading programme and an eye on immortality.
Other activities range from salmon role-playing games to spawning-cycle poetry.
He's had his work published in poetry and essay contests.
One of my favorite things to do is write poetry, and this singer my dad knows recorded some of my poems as singles.
The book is written verse, or poetry style, so it goes by quickly.
Some of this is indeed food as poetry: sublime and enchanting.
He would no more think of crossing over to acids or paints than to poetry.
It includes teaching prose fiction and non-fiction as well as poetry.
The mice did not start reciting poetry, but they did display some subtle changes.
For much the same reasons, poetry has always been a subject of fascination of mine.
They have science fiction and poetry and legends about the other moon.
There were talks on parasites in the movies, in art, and in poetry.
Poetry is often regarded as a mystery, and in some respects it is one.
Twenty-six years ago, both of us were writing modern poetry.
All that's left for the poet to do is garnish his poems with a little parsley and serve them to poetry gourmets.
With the zeal of one who reviles an age-old wrong, he raised painting above poetry.
It's usually a mistake to read too much literal meaning into poetry.
Even if you do not read poetry, it plays an important role in everyday life.
Kodachrome had more poetry in it, a softness, an elegance.
He kept sane throughout this nightmare by telling himself stories about his family and his experiences, and reciting poetry.
If her beautifully clumsy poetry doesn't make you smile even a little bit, you're taking life way too seriously.
He was into poetry, philosophy, and religions-everything.

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