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Fertilizers were a dead end: when the wheat plant's pod grew more seeds, its stalk collapsed under the weight.
Each pod is made of nine cargo containers welded together and stacked three levels tall.
Finally, by dangling the control pod well below the aerostat, the whole craft's centre of gravity is shifted downward.
Served in the pod, they are eaten by scraping the oval beans out of the salty, fuzzy pod with your teeth.
As the pod people say, it's painless--and good form too.
Finally, dangling the control pod well below the aerostat shifts the craft's centre of gravity downward.
If you are a hardcore coffee connoisseur, you might find the pod choices too limiting.
The trouble, as any horror buff or late-show aficionado well knows, is pod people.
They also allow you as long as you want to pack, you can keep the pod for storage, and they will either move or store your pod.
The tragic answer came yesterday afternoon, when the pod ran aground again.
There's also the enviro-guilt that comes with throwing out a paper pod after every shot you pull.
While orbiting a dying star, a team of astrophysicists comes across a derelict pod floating through space.
The soybeans are a bright green and come two or three to a small pod.
The line is six feet from the nearest panel on the pod for the left orbital maneuvering system in the shuttle's tail section.
Early in the construction process a residential area, often ten to twenty acres, is called a building pod.
Stir in vanilla and remaining cup cream, then return vanilla pod to mixture.
Wild peas have to get out of the pod if they are to germinate.
The pod itself splinters away as you eat it, making a really intriguing snacking sensation.
We know that one of the cuts eliminated a sequence in the pod.
Then it magically floats up on a shaft of light and joins the rest of the pod.
The opium yield varies according to the size of the pod and the efficiency of the farmer.
In addition to the data link, each pod has voice communications directly to the circuits.
It is one section of a star anise pod, not one star anise.
The fruit of the silk-cotton tree is a pod filled with silky stuffing that was once used for stuffing pillows.
Low concentrations of calcium in the peanut pegging zone can result in low pod yield, grade, and germination.

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