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Example sentences for pockmarked

These are memorials--cars killed in action, pockmarked by bullet holes.
He had an unvarnished manner, a pockmarked face, and a rather decent tailor.
Travelers could see the pockmarked bridge rails and the bridge deck was uneven.
The structure's rails were severely pockmarked and the deck was uneven.
Travelers could see the pockmarked rails and that the deck was uneven.
In this area, the sandy bottom is pockmarked with lobster holes.
The interior is pockmarked with bullet holes from the fighting that swirled around it.
Moderately rough texture pockmarked by many small craters and secondaries.
Those who survived the ordeal were almost always pockmarked by it.
Aggregate's adamant insistence on subjecting the appellant to drug testing is pockmarked by irregularities.
The poorly-drained flats and terraces harbor vast wetlands pockmarked with dense concentrations of thaw lakes and ponds.
Not only did sheepmen continually invade the reserves, but portions of all three were pockmarked with numerous private inholdings.
Randomly scattered holes pockmarked the walrus's back.

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