pocket money in a sentence

Example sentences for pocket money

He was running short of food, with not even enough pocket money to buy local bananas.
My kids now look through these each time they have pocket money to spend.
Not pocket money, but the sort of success-to-cash ratio that is certainly to be attracting the military.
They were buying the cheap-o players that cost pocket money.
They are highly illiquid markets, so manipulating could be done with relatively little effort and a bit of pocket money.
Go to your bank to get travelers checks or pocket money in the currency of your destination.
Beginning in seventh grade, in exchange for pocket money and shooting lessons, he started working weekends at the range.
Karla maintained family finances, giving him pocket money.
Part-time trapping is a fine way to make some pocket money while enjoying the outdoors.
The out-of-pocket money is reimbursed to you from your account.
Many correctional facilities have workshops where some inmates may be allowed to work at various trades and earn pocket money.
Karla maintained family finances, giving him pocket money.

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A lot of pop music is about stealing pocket money from children.... more
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