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Gives you a mission, and they're small enough to stuff in a pocket.
When lithium-ion batteries were invented, mobile phones became small enough to be slipped into a pocket.
It's so small, it'll even fit in the coin pocket of your jeans.
Small enough to pack in a pocket, this solid little timepiece is a precision marvel of miniaturization built to travel.
Browning put his hand in his pocket and brought out a small bunch of keys.
It is lightweight and small enough to fit into a patient's pocket, so exposure levels can be continuously monitored.
Tailor your gift with a pocket or another creative touch.
Poke a hole in the larger end of the egg, which is where the air pocket is, with a good sturdy tack.
What's worse, nobody seems to care about the aesthetics of pocket change.
He even partly financed some of the war effort out of his own pocket in the beginning.
The species seekers you write about were hardly the sort to set off in lab coat and pocket protector.
Suits made of pocket handkerchiefs continue in fashion.
The trousers held a little penknife and some silver, and the side-pocket of his jacket contained an old crocodile-skin cigar-case.
He must also be sure to ask for the wedding ring and the clergyman's fee, and put them in his own waistcoat pocket.
He was pushed toward the ticket-office with the others, and felt in his pocket for the new five-dollar bill he had hoarded.
The adjutant drew a watch out of his pocket, a silver watch worth quite ten crowns.
It was not long before she came in a great hurry with the money, and with her own hands put it in his pocket.
Nothing makes one more boldly venturesome than the consciousness of an empty pocket.
The devices are, after all, in almost every student's pocket.
All this grant spending helped to hold down the amount the typical undergraduate paid for college out of pocket.
It may involve service work, and it could even mean paying for travel out of your own pocket.
The vast majority of for-profit students attend college without paying any money out of pocket.
The keyboard fits in my back pocket, which is a real bonus.
They hand neighborhood residents other, pocket-sized video cameras to record their own stories.
They are accidental calls emanating from a pocket or purse.
His pocket presence is better than those guys by far.
Two generations ago a standard uniform identified engineers: white shirt, narrow tie, pocket protector and slide rule.
Imagine that you are playing pocket billiards on a pool table that is three meters long and one meter wide.
Today, the prevalence of matches and pocket lighters makes starting a fire a simple task.
But creating that feedback on a pocket-size gadget remains challenging.
But this is not going to happen any time soon, as the our politicians are in the back pocket of the insurance companies.
The only important green part of any job is the part that ends up in your pocket.
One risk in drilling to the mantle--or any seafloor drilling--is tapping into a pocket of gas hydrates.
High out-of-pocket costs have led many patients to forgo particular therapies.
You're not under arrest, despite the fact that you probably have some drugs in your pocket.
Think twice the next time you pick up a rock at the beach and stick it in your pocket as a souvenir.
If a pocket reaches the end of a fibre, it breaks off as a bubble.
And three tycoons, each with a pocket political party, have created an unhealthy overlap of business and politics.
If you are always in the users purse or back pocket, you have an insurmountable edge.
Until needed, phones stay where they belong: out-of-sight and less of a distraction in a pocket.
For as long as people want to hold money in their pocket, not a lot can go wrong.
And, occasionally, put your hand in your pocket too.
Today's latest models, in contrast, are elegantly shaped pocket computers.
It is held in place by straps, but you'll have to throw the lock into a pocket or bag.
Sprinkle half of sage into each pocket and stuff pockets with cheese and prosciutto.
Our pocket-size magnifier and light is the ideal travel tool for consulting maps, menus, or guidebooks in low light.
Ready for adventure throughout the world, this pocket translator and learning aid can handle virtually any situation.
The rear full-length flat pocket offers immediate access to maps and guide books.
Beyond our little pocket of sunshine, bruised storm clouds were heading straight toward us.
E-paper is basically a computer monitor so thin it could be rolled up and put in a pocket.
Apple's new toy has finally arrived, and it's way too big to carry around in your pocket.
That's the money in your pocket after government taxes and benefits.
Fifteen hundred dollars that would have been taken out of your paycheck will go right into your pocket.
More cash in their pocket would allow them to repair their personal balance sheets more quickly.
If he gets sick, the out-of-pocket expenses could be ruinous, no matter how transparent and fair the exchange was.
But if the tax cut is temporary, the makers of capital goods simply pocket the windfall and don't increase production.
In exchange for providing liquidity, market-makers get to pocket the difference between the prices at which they buy and sell.
One of the officers asked which of the keys they had removed from my pocket opened my apartment door.
But the captain simply took out his pocket watch, dangled it from its chain, and began to swing it toward the instrument panel.
It's always there in my pocket, there's no thrashing about, scrambling for the right color.
Waiting for the noise to subside, he reached into his jacket pocket for his speech.
We are told that arms, all the equipage of war, can be borne in a coat pocket.
One of them had a pocket chess set and was trying out some moves.
He leaves the house with a check for ten rands in his pocket.
When he rose, he drew his own pistol, hidden in his pocket.
In another pocket was a booklet with photographs and physical descriptions of the people suspected of being inside.
The mouse steps from the mousehole, collapses the telescope, and thrusts it into his bathrobe pocket.
First of all, you carry the parasite in your pocket, and pay a monthly fee for the privilege.
Rather than daydreaming in your downtime, you hunt for the gadget in your pocket.
Comment on a pocket calculating machine by which writers may test their writing to see whether is is intelligible.
At some point, he removed his spectacles and put them in his pocket.
The right to have nothing in your pocket is a great little freedom.
Unfortunately, they also copy the bulge in the lip and the outline of tobacco cans in the uniform pocket.
Left one remained in it while right one kept moving from bag to coat pocket.
Three hippies came by, and took her cigarettes and lighter out of the pocket.
Yet making touch screens much larger would make a device too bulky to slip discreetly into a pocket.
But a fake antivirus product puts money right into the crook's pocket.
Size allow it to carried in large pocket or medium purse.
The device can be put in a pocket, attached discreetly to a bra, or slipped into a special wristband during sleep.
Basically, they pick your pocket without ever touching your pocket.
If you want to carry a bouquet of radio telescopes in your back pocket.
The price may raise, but so would the money in the citizens pocket to purchase them if they so choose.
But that produces a pocket that can collect dirt and increase the chances of infection.
What he wanted to know was what would be the difference for him, in his own pocket dollars.
When the first pocket calculators came to market, they made no difference.
The company plans to sell a consumer, fits-in-your-pocket model by the end of the year.
He likes to illustrate the point with an ancient talisman of the hypnotic trade: the pocket watch hanging on a chain.
Freeman carried his ice pick in his pocket, using it on one occasion to perform a lobotomy in a motel room.
Much easier to heat up a pizza pocket in a microwave than to cook a meal in the kitchen.
There was a handwritten note in the pocket of his dress shirt.
He slept on park benches with thousands of dollars in his pocket.
It was right there, little notepads, tiny little steno notebooks that he carried in his back pocket.
They have a special pocket to put your guitar picks in.
Cheating would be to get money in a restaurant, put it in your pocket, and never put it in the cash register.
He then pulled a matchbook from his pocket and asked her to write her phone number on the back.
At one point he drew a pistol from his pocket and fired a round into the cushion beside us.
Beginning in seventh grade, in exchange for pocket money and shooting lessons, he started working weekends at the range.
Cutler's necktie and pocket handkerchief often match.
If he made one move toward his pocket, this officer was to leap on him.
Wear a button-down shirt with short sleeves and tuck several pens and a calculator into the pocket.
But now, high-definition pocket camcorders are starting to show up in bunches.
Major expenses may be included in all-inclusive cruises, but there are some out-of-pocket expenses.
He used his feet to move in the pocket and escape the pocket when warranted.
Back in the day, a good report card earned you a parental pat on the back, but now it could be money in your pocket.
The nine ball plops into the side pocket, the cue ball hits one cushion and stops near the center spot.

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