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The break may be in only one ply or it may be in all of them, but in any case it is always the inside ply that breaks first.
With that high-tech grace-note, a new sort of airship could soon safely ply the ocean blue.
Some experts consider the ship's demise a fluke-it was built to ply icy waters and was helmed by an experienced captain.
Engineers with earnest faces and trim haircuts ply the halls of this diversified energy concern.
They are the longest-living marine species to ever ply the world's oceans.
The freedom of transport companies to ply for hire outside their domestic markets is known in the trade as cabotage.
Some jurisdictions still ply this trade today and should be put out of business.
To harvest shark fins, fishers ply the world's ocean.
Smart new school buses run by the municipal government ply up and down the hillsides.
If she tolerates his company, he will ply her with fresh fish, directing them headfirst into her beak.
Puzzled by our polite refusals, they then tried to ply us with alcohol and marijuana.
Some made their living as pirates, preying on foreign vessels that dared to ply their waters.
Some anteaters, the tamandua and the silky anteater, ply their trade in the trees.
Howbeit go to thy chamber and mind thine own housewiferies, the loom and distaff, and bid thy handmaids ply their tasks.
They argue that this is no coincidence: a basic level of law and order may be necessary for pirates to ply their dangerous trade.
Lorries loaded with wood ply the roads in forested areas.
Economic renewal, such as it was, came from the conversion of several shops into places for bail bondsmen to ply their trade.
For two years they have been in dispute with the racecourses where they ply their trade.
Cells ply the middle ground between supply and demand.
The buses that ply the streets are all privately owned and bid for routes, creating chaos and congestion.
Today, ox carts ply its grand, four-lane approach road while the building slumbers in near darkness.
Tourist boats, called bateaux mouches, ply the river each day.
Single-ply toilet paper is advised because it breaks up easier than thicker two-ply.
Wildlife spotting is an integral part of the experience as humpback whales, bears and bald eagles ply the water in search of food.
Communal taxis ply the countryside, and major car-rental agencies have operations in the larger cities.
Now they're going to feed you and, chances are, ply you with a few drinks while they're at it.

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