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The hideous and germ-laden plush or velvet curtains were gone, and leather hangings of a rich tone took their place.
Trying to punish plush plans loses the unions and the rich.
Koalas are obviously a species of renegade plush toy.
And yes, those are plush toothbrushes and dental picks so the wee ones could practice proper mammoth dental care.
Polar bears are merely the latest marketing plush toy the left uses to tug on the heart strings of potential donors.
We have a plush top mattress and it fits the frame well.
The bear accordingly grew plush, diminutive, and migrated to the crib in the form of the teddy bear.
With their elaborate designs, parterres remind me of plush decorative carpets.
Or you can give the closest thing to your real heart: a handheld, pulsating plush heart.
It had plush leather seats, automatic everything and a top-of-the-line stereo.
For example, they tested the cats' response to a novel object, a plush owlet left on the floor.
The cloak is of cheap plush, and might sell for eight or nine dollars over the store-counter.
Rooms are plush and many have no fourth wall, revealing views of the ocean or the countryside.
Each distinctly decorated room includes plush mattresses and iPod connectors.
The rooms may not be particularly plush, but they're clean and comfortable, with an endearing old-world charm.
Or the rush to build shopping malls and plush new multiplex cinemas.
It's a plush fabric ball that zips open to reveal wiring and a microphone.
All the campers around you will know you're part of the upper crust when you unveil this plush, ostentatious dwelling.
Home-run-swatting ball players are handed a plush stuffed animal when they cross the plate.
Behind its gilded gate is a gently lit lobby with plush sofas and a well-stocked bar.
At one end of the room is a large cabinet television and a plush couch.
His work helped spur an arms race of experimental technology to counter those risks with plush heels and wedged shoes.
The unions pushed back against the original tax, having fought for years to move more compensation into plush insurance plans.
Writer describes a plush puffin golf club head cover he was given by his brother.
It had every option you could believe-blue plush on the steering wheel, diamond side windows, and complete carpeted interior.
The self-operating elevator was carpeted in red plush.
It's not uncomfortable, but you're not being coddled by piles of plush leather.
My doctor's office gives my kids a plush animal afterwards and, of course, the pain is quickly forgotten.
At some point in our culture, carrying a big load lost its plush cushion in viewers' minds.
So she's a constellation of extremes that add up to lush, plush power.
They immediately decamped to rub their bare feet in the ship's plush carpet and order tropical drinks from the bar.
Drug dealers often are portrayed as favoring the plush and flashy in their choice of street vehicles.
Each boasts all the amenities of a plush hotel suite plus well-appointed kitchenettes.
Suits that were spare and sleek were also impeccably cut in plush fabrics.
There was a new maple stage, a new floor and new plush red seats.
The blue plush toy has a small, felt fabric cookie attached to its hand.
Stuffed horses with eyes directly embroidered on the plush fabric are not included in the recall.
Extra plush, thick foam for comfort and total body support.
Each toy is covered with plush fabric and contains a musical chime device.
One point of contention involved the rights to stuffed animals, or as the parties referred to them, plush.
Inside the book are two plush pop-up toy characters.
It survives in a porcelain plush-lined storage and display box with gilt hardware.
The multi-colored toy has five plush stacking rings that stack and rest on a stationary turtle base.

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