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But the views of scientists are a critical part of that plurality.
Critics and rivals say that the move would threaten media plurality.
Earlier philosophers pondered the plurality of worlds with less dire consequences.
It is a plurality of different things that do not share any one element but nevertheless bear a resemblance to one another.
Initially, the initiative had plurality support in the polls.
The main effect of audience fragmentation is something well worth having: plurality.
Maybe not a true majority, but a plurality would be required.
And, of course, the existing plurality of parties already means there is room for quite a lot of opinions.
Such paradoxes are a well-known characteristic of plurality voting systems.
The trend toward electing directors by majority rather than by plurality could have a huge effect.
The supposed key is single-seat plurality elections.
It was the only month of his second term when a plurality was against him.
They are plural elements only in so far as plurality is predicated of certain selected concepts.
As the old media monopolies crumbled, a host of smaller players rushed forward, offering a new plurality of voices.
In the absence of government intervention to maintain plurality, news media will tend to become more concentrated.
My education's been spectacular, but plurality is moot when it's this lonely at the top.
Required from all candidates and elected officials participating in the nonpartisan plurality election.
The single mode fiber enables a plurality of laser beams to be multiplexed to form a multiplexed input to the wavelength meter.
Footwear comprises a sole and a plurality of sealed cavities contained within the sole.
The nominee who receives a plurality of the votes cast shall be deemed to have been elected.
The plurality therefore found that the government interest was unrelated to the suppression of free expression.

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