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Example sentences for pluralistic

It violates the toleration that must permeate our pluralistic.
We take pride in our pluralistic community and continue to seek excellence through diversity and inclusion.
Both affirmed the vital necessity to continue to advance interfaith peace initiatives towards sustainable, pluralistic societies.
The relationship between architecture and politics has never been an easy one to define in a pluralistic society.
As admirable a goal as it may be, fashioning citizens for a pluralistic society has nothing to do with the pursuit of truth.
He described it as an inevitable danger of all large, pluralistic democracies.
Pluralistic societies require religions to coexist in proximity.
To be sure, the global polling industry needs to embrace a far more pluralistic view.
Modern religion is pluralistic and increasingly based on choice.
It's up to us to contribute to the broader recognition of this pluralistic fact.
The free-market revolution didn't create the pluralistic decentralized economy.

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