plunk in a sentence

Example sentences for plunk

Plunk down into a big, soft chair or sofa to absorb the music and the decorations.
Plunk a tree frog down in a harsh habitat it is not well adapted for, and it will fail to thrive-or even survive.
Plunk two little rats together and it's almost impossible to stop them whooping it up.
Now it only remains to be seen how much money gamers will have to plunk down for the add-on.
It's a prominent branding opportunity for any handset maker willing to plunk down the money.
Better yet, plunk it down on a table and rotate as need be.
So if you shank a drive into the woods or plunk one into the pond, there's an element of forgiveness.
Once you figure out how to plunk them out, sing them.
Why would you plunk down all that money when you could be easily saving it and to further strengthening your retirement years.
For several years, people thought that the key to sustainable cities was to plunk down a lot of sustainable buildings.
Researchers say that advertisers play on this mechanism to convince consumers to plunk down their money.
And before you plunk down your money, ask for the store's refund and return policy.
His northern pike lurks in the weeds on our cover waiting for a plug to plunk on the water.
We plunk in boilerplate ones, not the ones that actually apply to files in the package.
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