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Then, the batteries fail, and the temperatures plunge as fast as the shrinking current.
With layoffs rising fast while profits plunge, things could get much worse.
In less than six years, the dividend is guaranteed to plunge.
They plunge their hands into large metal tubs of ice set up in an adjoining room, and settle on couches to crack open their cans.
Investors would take fright and the real would plunge further.
Today, it is happening again, as stunned demographers watch birthrates plunge in ways they never expected.
Coupled with complete bans when stocks plunge to dangerous levels, ownership is a proven concept for sustainability.
Each of our recipes gives you the option to take it easy and use cooked crabs, or to take the plunge and cook them yourself.
Your odds of getting props plunge in direct proportion to how late you enter the conversation.
If the train doesn't stop, it may plunge into a ravine.
At first, the population plunge baffled scientists, who thought the animals were dying from disease.
Prolonged exposure to freezing weather is more damaging than a brief plunge in temperature.
Any of these could cause contagion and plunge the world economy into depression.
Each year more and more people are gathering up their courage and taking the plunge from the skies.
The plunge bath is stated to be the place where the earl's spots were first revealed.
Strap on your scuba gear and take the plunge into the fascinating waters of oceanography.
We drove around a parking lot, then took a deep breath and into the plunge.
Others predict that its market share will plunge as much as its profits.
The downward plunge is the closest you can come to being swallowed up by the city.
But they overlooked one of its effects: a plunge in oil prices, and hence their own revenues.
Then plunge them into boiling water to get rid of fat from the skin.
Much of the recovery there is payback for the stomach-churning plunge that came before.
Now some drugs companies seem willing to plunge into targeted therapies.
The technical explanation of this savings plunge is simple.
Judging by the latest plunge in pending home sales, it doesn't appear that many bargain-hunters are interested.
They are horrible things, designed for ripping and tearing as they plunge.
The euro zone is now threatened by a sovereign credit crunch nasty enough to plunge entire economies into misery.
Plunge into the ocean depths, and you'll find all kinds of strange animals.
The plunge in manufacturing is in part the result of a huge global inventory adjustment.
And with a spinoff game out this month, quite a few of them will decide that it's the right time to take the plunge.
Furthermore, the tenured faculty would wait to plunge daggers in the back of the complaining individual.
The rejection triggered a plunge in stocks and a scramble to sweeten the bill.
When the leaves come apart, immediately plunge cabbage into icy water.
But others will see their apparent return on capital plunge.
In winter these animals replace their summer coats with thicker ones to keep them warm when temperatures plunge.
At slack tide, the water quiets enough for us to take the plunge.
And to sustain it, these firms will have to plunge headlong into products they know little about, such as mortgages.
Sure, my sons would rather plunge two stories out their bedroom windows than have me kiss them good night.
To plunge into the literature is not an option, it's an obligation.
The foolhardy plunge forward, plowing through channels of rainwater filling the intersections.
But while work proceeds to bring these terrestrial sources to market, others have taken the plunge and are pursuing algae.
The argument that disbelief in evolutionary origins will plunge us into ignorance is one made without supporting data.
Some can plunge into severe, lengthy, and even life-threatening bouts of depression.
Most days a chunk or two of rock or metal, fist size or bigger, survives the fiery plunge.
Once the water cools, plunge the silver pieces into warm, soapy water and scrub with a clean cloth.
The accused would be submerged in water, or made to walk on red-hot coals, or forced to plunge an arm into boiling water.
Stay alert, plunge out of the traffic flow into curbside parking, and sigh with relief when you're there.
The show is smart enough to test the waters of outrage but not brazen enough to take a genuine plunge.
Carefully remove chicken from pot with a large slotted spoon and plunge into ice water to stop cooking.
Drain, plunge in a kettle of boiling water, and boil one minute.
Plunge into cold water, rub off skins and cut into cubes.
Tie securely, leaving some space to allow the pudding to swell, and plunge into a kettle of boiling water.
They plunge the clangor of billions of vermilion trumpets into the crowd outside, and echo in faint rose over the pavement.
At last she took a great resolution-made the great plunge.
Drain, plunge into cold water, when skins will be found to slip off easily.
To prepare terrapin for cooking, plunge into boiling water and boil five minutes.
The pair plunge-the driver has lost the reins-horses, driver and wagon go into a heap by a tree.
Twenty-two seconds into the plunge the airplane's over-speed warning came on with a rattle that continued to the end.
Until now, the trajectory of viral stardom has generally involved a spike of fame followed by a plunge into near-total anonymity.
Geologists had predicted the plunge for weeks, citing the retreat of an underlying glacier that had held the rock in place.
Temperatures will plunge as the remaining energy is spread across more space.
Indeed, its rate of increase seems to be rebounding upward again after the mysterious plunge of the last few years.
In a billion years, plus or minus, we'll plunge together in an event of epic violence.
Once they've hatched, they seek out a snail and plunge into its guts to feed.
Not only can a crab race across dry land, it can plunge into crashing surf and continue running underwater.
The two keys to the future are the plunge in costs-particularly for long-distance traffic-and the rise in capacity.
At the first sign of disappointment, the share price will plunge.
Of the wait-and-see brigade, it has long been closest to taking the plunge into the euro zone.
Paradoxically, the plunge in technology spending by firms has helped.
As the past two years have shown, advertising can plunge suddenly.
Many householders have onerous debts, and would cut spending abruptly should prices plunge.
He does not so much plunge as slip into acting, and the sense of freedom he finds there is always visibly tentative.
Finally, the region into which the new president is being pressed to plunge has changed dramatically over the past decade.
Mortgage lenders plunge amid missed payments, depreciating home loans.
Holiday airfares plunge, even for popular destinations.
Local legend has it that a plunge in these waters is a cure for madness.
The next two columns are strike and dip or trend and plunge.
Rescue personnel will be on site and in the water during the plunge.
It is identifiable at great distances by its plunge-diving behavior and large size.

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