plunder in a sentence

Example sentences for plunder

My great aunt wore Chanel #5 and let me plunder her closet, too.
It's a pointless tactic that is effectively just handing the other team points and an opportunity to pillage and plunder.
Another had dropped his plunder while trying to get over a wall.
For some, Blunt's acts of brutality and plunder will seem justified given what he witnesses and endures.
Thieves plunder them for scrap metal.
There seems to be no end to the depths today's licensers are willing to plunder in order to make some extra bucks.
You either trade your loot and plunder with other players or 'buy' and 'sell' troops and resources with accumulated gold.
But any warlord worth his salt also knows how to plunder official booty.
Worse, public-works budgets have made easy plunder for corrupt officials.

Famous quotes containing the word plunder

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