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To consider what to serve with stout, discard your notions of plump sausages or chili.
Certainly it's harder for graduate students and junior faculty members to turn down opportunities to plump up their vitae.
If city-dwellers plump for elected mayors, they will have large fiefs.
The birds then got so plump that they became too heavy to fly, whether they wanted to or not, the study suggests.
Look for clams with siphons that appear fresh, plump and firm.
Harvest when pods are plump but still green and fuzzy.
When people grow obese, their fat cells swell with fat and can plump up to three times normal size.
When the waiter brought the dish, which was filled with plump mussels carefully.
Physicians called it insane, saying it would do nothing to help plump patients pare down to healthier weights.
These plants shrivel from serious drought but plump up again with watering or rainfall.
Dozens of people sprawled before them on soft, plump bean bags.
Crab traps with their plump bait lie untouched for hours.
Plump and glistening, cherries are chock-full of disease-fighting antioxidants.
We settled into a stately sitting room furnished with a plump damask sofa and large armchairs.
When they emerge from their steam bath they're plump with natural juices.
Plump oysters can be coated in flour and egg, rolled in soft bread crumbs and browned in clarified butter until crisp and golden.
Some have built up plump liquidity cushions in case of disaster.
And with a six-foot-tall body mounted on short, plump legs, he moves with a clunky waddle.
But ten of them need to plump up the common-equity component of the cushion.
Plump pink buds open to scented semidouble blossoms that age to a lighter, creamier pink.
Many university lecturers plump for a variant of the teachers' private-lesson ploy.
Nevertheless, if equities look risky, people may still plump for the relative safety of negative real interest rates.
She sits forward on the plump sofa, with the empty, winter-frosted balcony behind her window.
Thus, he takes the easy route by stealing a plump gobbler from a nearby farmhouse.
It's the size of a hockey puck-small in diameter, plump in the middle-but juicy.
At the age of forty-five, he is no longer remotely plump.
The meat was plump and rested undisturbed in its brine.
And the result is soft, plump, and evenly toned skin.
Indeed, the authors argue that the gun market may be threadbare partly because the drug market is so plump.
Two nicely plump, pink-cheeked maidens are arranged on the grey rocks behind the actor, manacled and in chains.
Not incidentally, he also improves any skimpy eyebrows, plump thighs or detectable pores.
She then sprinkles plump oysters over the omelette and folds it all together.
Come dinnertime, their plump promise will give way almost immediately to joy.
He appears healthy, plump and cheerful when he comes from the wings.
Quick-frying kept thin slices of flank steak plump and juicy.
Except for the plump pork-filled fried dumplings with their sharply peppered dipping sauce, the appetizers were a disappointment.
Plump barley shall be expressed in terms of the range in which it falls.

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