plummets in a sentence

Example sentences for plummets

Food production plummets, leading to widespread famine.
One is listlessness and drift, as discipline crumbles, morale plummets and ideas dry up.
Anything below grade two is considered unfit for the table-and the price plummets accordingly.
In other words, as it plummets toward the ground, the ground keeps getting out of its way.
As global demand plummets, the expectations for this year are even more dire.
Public confidence in government and business plummets.
Ice plummets over particularly steep terrain creating ice falls.
When tripods or towers are used, optical plummets or collimators are required to ensure accurate centering over marks.
In that instant, a dark shape plummets from high in the clear sky, gathering speed so rapidly it causes me to stop breathing.
Often before doctors suspect sepsis, blood pressure plummets, signaling shock.
Since major operators don't need your license, its value plummets.
The price continues to rise until there are no more investors who will buy, and then the bottom falls out and the price plummets.
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