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Example sentences for plummet

When online learning is regulated differently, its price will plummet.
Overfishing has caused fish populations and catches to plummet.
When you look at how the mortality rates plummet with the simple act of giving out a net.
New book sales plummet as used books and examination copies flood the market.
If consumer-price inflation is about to plummet so far below its target, more rate cuts will be coming soon.
However, when colder years arrive, many northern birds are unable to survive and fringe populations plummet.
Diversity will plummet and exotic diseases will continue to plague the survivors.
The slowing economy is pushing many state budgets into the red as tax revenues plummet.
But during the last century oyster populations began to plummet.
The overall market is unlikely to plummet when mining and energy stocks are holding up so well.
As the robots plummet downward, parachutes will open.
Consumer goods manufacturers win the tug-o-war and capital goods makers lose, causing their profits to plummet and many to fail.
Waterfalls plummet from cliffs on either side of the valley.
But they could plummet if the batteries cause problems or users find the range of the vehicles too limiting.
For their part, suppliers will fire their workers and watch their profits and stock prices plummet.
New data show the global recession accomplished what other measures struggled to do: it made greenhouse gas emissions plummet.
Suggest a manhole, and he'd plummet straight down it.
Conventional fitness wisdom told him his results would plummet when his workout time was halved.
It is extremely tough to get your hopes up so high and then watch it plummet down when you don't see what you are hoping for.
They make cholesterol levels plummet by blocking an enzyme required in its synthesis.
If rates rise in that period, the zero-coupon can plummet in value.
Not only this, the world's financial standings could plummet.
The theory was put to the test the following day, when the ladder saved him from another dark plummet into ice.
But scientists offer as a viable option ground-based lasers to disrupt the orbit of errant objects, causing them to plummet.
Even as commercial fisheries plummet, the bay has grown into a major playground for area residents.
The amount of those deposits would plummet as depositors sought alternative investments.
Side effects will plummet as the precision of treatments increases.
Even if rice prices were to plummet, other brakes on poverty alleviation remain.
As costs plummet, firms will start to offer better tests.
As a result, the value of the yuan would plummet in relation to the dollar to a level low enough to clear the market.
Most evenings, the crowd of bankers and businessmen groan and gulp their drinks as they watch markets plummet.
More of you have lost your homes and even more are watching your home values plummet.
The auctions, made up mostly of foreclosed homes, showed the truth: house values were starting to plummet in many places.
The plan comes as home sales continue to plummet, prices continue to deflate, and inventories continue to grow.
Plummet is a sealed, immersible chamber of known volume and density.
The plummet lands upon the striker pin, protruding from the sample holder.
Presumably, the potentially unlimited supply of cheap gold would cause the market price of gold to plummet.
As temperatures plummet, be on the lookout for fabulous frost flowers.
Urbanization has destroyed cottontail habitat, causing its population to plummet.
Those seniors fortunate enough to have other retirement investments have seen those funds plummet.

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