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Preliminary images of the plume show layers of it touching the sea floor.
As the plume of cigarette smoke dissipates, his smile exposes a single tooth.
These scientists were looking for sodium in the plume vapour and couldn't see it in the expelled ice grains.
When a volcano erupts, the volcanic plume full of gas and dust rises and then spreads into the shape of an umbrella.
Then came the famous now-you-see-it, now-you-don't oil plume controversy.
Light shining through the plume of matter coming from the surface provides information about the plume's composition.
The main column or plume appears to be a combination of brown ash and white steam.
Planes would be allowed to fly through the thinner parts of the plume.
Scientists expect the blast to be so powerful that a huge plume of debris will be ejected.
The ash plume appears to have a smooth white cap on it as it breaks through the cloud cover above.
During the rainy season, however, the spray plume can obscure the view of the falls themselves.
As the plume rose, air flowed downward along the sides and became warmer and evaporated the clouds.
The sample was taken from the mineral-laden plume boiling up from the vent.
The controlled impact will send up a plume of material into the light, so scientists can get a better look at what's inside.
The car whirls around in a plume of smoke, the other cars dodge it, and the driver brings it harmlessly to a stop on the apron.
She hung there a split second, then a plume of light exploded from her tail.
Their job might be easier because the plume is relatively dispersed, so the oil particles are smaller and easier to break down.
All these wonders start with the plume that is formed as the heated air rises from the fire in a column.
That's exactly what you expect by a plume containing water.
The boulders and such inside this plume then fall back to the ground, making linear chains of secondary craters.
Once they find such a plume, they fly headlong into it, tracking it back to its blood-filled source.
The crash produced a plume of material that provided evidence of water ice on the moon's surface.
The smoke plume was visible from space, and it caused a lot of local grief.
And when they fire the jets again, the expanding plume of gas makes the particles change direction and accelerate away.
The argument that birds evolved from feathered dinosaurs suddenly got another plume in its cap.
Every time they urinated, a plume of green dispersed through the water.
It was incredibly bright with a thick white plume trailing it.
It doesn't have any plume coming out the far side, but it is, none the less quite awesome to watch.
Furthermore, it has no concern of rocket plume impingement on the asteroid surface.
Since the rocket plume also reflects radar, you can't really build a stealth missile.
Take a swim in the oil plume and let us know will ya.
Until now, scientists explained volcanoes located outside tectonic boundaries using mantle-plume theory.
Maybe there's a little wooden shack with a chimney emitting a plume of steam.
The burning oil would also create a plume of smoke and air pollution, which could affect flying birds.

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