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But in practical terms, that is no different than calling an electrician or plumber for home repairs.
In choosing a plumber they generally have to rely on some sort of signal of quality.
We'll often e-mail each other too if there's news to share, or someone is looking for a plumber.
Ray went to work for the construction company as a licensed plumber.
In the case of the public debt you do not need a plumber.
In many communities a good plumber or contractor makes more than the average lawyer.
Finding a competent plumber or electrician is extremely difficult.
Or your plumber, pastor, and that quiet chemical engineer down the street.
The plumber had come upon the field, but his coming brought no relief.
If you're a plumber, you've got to have a lot of different wrenches and you've got to know how to use them.
And this was the work of a so-called professional working for a local plumber.
For the average joe the plumber, their lives are fine.
Sitting in traffic, a plumber can't plumb and a deliveryman can't deliver.
It occurred to him that perhaps the nuclear plant's maintenance staff could replace their plumber's helper with chopsticks.
They wouldn't have introduced the article in the same way if you'd been a plumber or even a heart surgeon.
The plumber who had opened the stairway door was asked to look at hundreds of photographs of museum employees, past and present.
He could, and did, celebrate his birthday by blending heads of state and movie icons with his local plumber.
Today she is on a high-and-low search for the plumber.
As the shop employees spoke with him, they were shocked to learn that he was a plumber by trade.
If your plumber leaves the couch floating in the rec room, you have a bad plumber.
Everyone in the area was having the same experience, so the plumber is probably right.
If you cannot locate where the pipe is frozen, call a plumber.

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