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Various vultures have featherless necks, presumably to stop the blood and gore from their meals matting their plumage.
Hummingbirds have long been admired for their colorful and iridescent plumage.
They even have colors in their plumage that are invisible to the human eye.
They had little reason to think otherwise, since every swan ever examined had the same snowy plumage.
Only the band members, in their felt hats and feathers, provided any plumage.
They grow plumage that resembles fur more than feathers.
They are red caps, so named for a manner of freakish plumage that resembles external brains.
And you may spy an imperial pheasant, a handsome bird with a purple-blue plumage.
With regards to plumage gloss, but this is variable.
Differences in plumage are much more marked in females.
He explained how he looks at birds to see how colors meld on their plumage.
Their plumage is wilting, their wigs are askew, and their bustiers keep slipping south to reveal unmistakably masculine chests.
These birds are best known for their loud cackles, four-toed feet, and brilliant plumage.
The adults must take time off to regain weight and replace plumage.
Plumage and behavior differ greatly between interior and coastal populations.
Immature plumage is similar to that of the adult but paler yellow, sometimes with a slightly buffy throat.
Two scarlet macaws put their vivid plumage on display.
Nearly all drakes lose their bright plumage after mating, and for a few weeks resemble females.
Since the term immature often refers to maturing processes not related to plumage, juvenal might have been more appropriate.
In basic plumage, note the evenly gray wings on both the upper and under surfaces and the wedge-shaped tail.

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