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Example sentences for plum

The winds had already affected our local plum and lemon trees.
The turtle slowly raises its plum-size head and pops open its small eyes.
Sprinkle with icing sugar and serve with plum puree or jam on the side.
Cut each roll in half diagonally and serve immediately, with plum sauce and mustard for dipping.
To try two variations on the plum-raspberry crumble, click here for the recipes.
Put the bottle of homemade plum vinaigrette back on the shelf.
It is now permanent in the light, but a touch wipes off the picture as it does the bloom from a plum.
While visions of plum tomatoes danced in their heads.
New patronage networks are replacing the old ones, as the well-connected appoint their chums and relatives to plum public posts.
His friends point out that he has already resigned one plum role over the affair.
Government spending props up bad old habits, keeping duff companies going and rewarding their sins with plum public contracts.
The public has also been vexed by the practice of rewarding top civil servants with plum jobs at firms they formerly supervised.
As the plum's blossoms do not hear the bee nor taste themselves turned into storable honey.
My father took the pit of a damson plum out of his mouth and dropped it into a paper bag, fluttering his fingers a little.
In your choice of rose, fresh-green, spice brown or soft-plum.
Grace got a threepenny-bit in the plum pudding, but the afternoon grew awful.
Place the plum halves skin side up on top of the batter.
Or she plum runs out of inspiration on any given topic and falls back on less-than-original notions.

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