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Plug-in kinds deliver nonstop power, and they're nonpolluting at point of use.
The idea is that the bees will eat through this candy plug in a few days and release her.
We are briefed on helicopter safety and given a helmet with a cord to plug into the helicopter's voice system.
When he arrived, blues players were starting to plug in their guitars.
We were supposed to avail ourselves of the common-use shelf on each floor, which had an electric burner and a grounded plug.
Cut a circular piece from the stem end of the second melon, reserving the plug.
Put it right on the fire grate, mound charcoal over it, and plug it into a grounded outlet.
Plug-in hybrids, a newer type of vehicle, recharge when you plug them into an electrical source.
Users click on the plug icons to get in touch with plug owners and set up a time for charging.
All efforts to plug the underwater well up to now have failed.
Rather, he said, the department wants more cooperation between the sectors to plug gaps in the education pipeline.
As this graph shows, they continue to plug away at that code and build a better network.
One thing that this article does not discuss is the originating source of the electricity to power these plug-in hybrids.
The user can rather easily extract them for recharging via a home wall-plug, which takes a maximum of six hours.
There were many protests against car companies' discontinuation of plug in vehicles.
And the more of them you plug in the more they mesh up.
So it might be a good idea to get that plug ready to power up your next car.
Programmers continue to plug humorous gems into everyday software.
Imagine driving your electric car in your garage and never having to plug it in.
Plug-in hybrids can run on electric power but also have a gas engine for unlimited range.
Electric vehicles have suffered some setbacks of late, but that hasn't stopped automakers from going all-in on plug-in technology.
Spin aside, the real problem is that there aren't obvious alternatives to what's being done to plug the leak.
Plug your best estimate into the comments section below.
The decision was part of a broader strategy to pull the plug on its entire independent arm.
Put it in the ground and leave it for a day, then plug it in to your computer.
All you have to do is plug it in, and the robot does all the work.
Every week, medical journals plug newer and broader-spectrum antibiotics.
Only now are scientists figuring out how to plug into this resource.
He set out to plug the gap, specifically seeking evidence of a spawning ground of jumbo squid in the gulf.
We plug them into a system, give it a problem to tackle and see what happens as it learns.
Now seed scientists can do better than hybridize-they can plug new genes, even those from other organisms, straight into plants.
Somehow the harbor had drained as abruptly as if someone had pulled a giant plug.
Our aquatic ancestors had extremely crude ears, consisting of a gill support bone that had changed into a plug in the skull.
The company is also preparing to dig a secondary well to try to plug the ruptured oil deposit with concrete and mud.
In a perfect world, we'd never have to plug in our handheld devices to recharge them.

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