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Example sentences for plowed

The savings rate thus curb on consumption and ensures that great portion of wealth generated gets plowed back into investment.
Onshore, these are often plowed into a rancher or farmers field for fertilizer.
It is the hare to the good bacteria's tortoise, a weed in the plowed field.
As a farmer, he has shunned the use of tractors and plowed his land with a team of horses.
When you look up, you see the rear of the car you nearly plowed into.
Rounds rattled off the armor plating of the vehicles, and rocket-propelled grenades plowed into the hillsides around them.
City roads were flooded and thousands of residents were without electricity after powerful thunderstorms plowed through the area.
After that, she was curious to find out what would happen in the story and plowed ahead.
The money that the public company had left is then plowed into developing the formerly private company's products.
She angles the untame strands until my mane is plowed and parted.
With almost preternatural efficiency, the city plowed and salted roads, and carted away the largest mounds of snow.
The grid plowed through many lots, leaving some early buildings perched precariously.
Snow is plowed from the center of the road to the curb or gutter line.
Many factors influence how and when streets get plowed.
With plows, spreaders and de-icing materials in place, we'll focus on getting roads plowed as soon as possible.
The two park roads that are plowed in the winter season are maintained only during daylight hours.
Parking may not resume on the street until it has been plowed curb-to-curb.
As the demand for wheat products grew, cattle grazing was reduced, and millions more acres were plowed and planted.
Picnic areas are not plowed and may be inaccessible after snow falls.
Snow will be either plowed to the sides or to the middle of the street.
Low volume traffic areas are plowed after all priority streets have been plowed and treated.
Snow is not plowed on national forest roads and forest roads are not maintained for winter travel.
The parking lot near the park office will be plowed and visitors are welcome to hike into the park from the lot.
Depending on the size of the plow, the furrows provided a plowed area of two or more feet.
Roads in the area are only intermittently plowed and road conditions are uncertain.
After a field has been plowed, it still needs to be smoothed out and leveled before it can be planted.
For the twentieth anniversary celebration, instead of the usual tractors, six teams of enormous draft horses plowed the site.
As a rule, gravel public ways will be plowed after secondary roads.
Alleys are normally not plowed unless snowfalls totals reach three inches.
The last mile to the trailhead is not plowed in winter.
Sometimes citizens don't understand why their road is not being plowed when another road in the area seems to take priority.

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