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Example sentences for plow

But he struggled to plow through all the questions on the big test.
Nearby, bulldozers plow acres of sod into an ever-rising mound.
What wheels can't do is climb rocky hillsides or plow through waist-deep mud.
We've been debating whether it would be a good investment vs hiring the neighbor to plow.
Basically, the productive land around the world is already under the plow.
Dangling carrots may be useful in getting people to plow through boring, routine work.
We plow down stable communities of hundreds of species of plants to get single-row crops.
Yes, you can find an author here and there, but you have to plow through more and more non-book stuff to get there.
We could all go back to cutting down forests for our energy and farming with plow horses.
Critters big and small trample, crush, and plow rocks as they scurry across the surface and burrow underground.
But standing tall in the late-summer sun, the wheat looked so beautiful he couldn't bear to plow it under.
The money would be far more productively spent in ways that plow it back into the economy.
Almost none of the side streets has seen a plow and cars are abandoned mid-block.
Yes, he said, he could continue to plow his cash flow into the business and grow it slowly.
But he would plow the savings into troops and weapons modernization, maintaining modest growth in overall spending.
Plow marks from deep-draft icebergs, oriented randomly, are all over the seafloor shallower than a few hundred meters.
Snow is common in winter, although park staff plow the roads to the viewpoints.
Plow handles should be made of wood rather than metal for comfort and safety.
It is not uncommon for plowing crews to need to re-plow sections of park roads when weather events happen.
The plow could be in either lane or on the shoulder.
Never root plow until you know the locations of all buried hazards such as gas, electric and water lines.
Check to see if your local government requires snow plow contractors to be licensed.
Plow operators are responsible for removing the bulk of snow, but some snow and slush will remain.

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