plinth in a sentence

Example sentences for plinth

Together they join hands and hoist him up on a high cold plinth.
Any additional reinforcement in the plinth, if required, shall be provided.
Plinth and crash wall details, if required, should be shown here.
The base consists of a round plinth, square cap die and base in the form of a seat.
Plinth pads are concrete support pads or pedestals that are fastened directly to the concrete invert.
The hotel block rests on a plinth comprised of the ground and main levels.
The shingle-clad bay has rounded corners, a flat roof and a tapered plinth extending almost to the ground.
At present, handrails run down the stairs of the plinth from the doorways.

Famous quotes containing the word plinth

Home! Yes! she would see Trafalgar Square, again; and Nelson on his plinth; and Chelsea Bridge as it dissol... more
They have melted into the light and I am desolate; they have melted; each from his plinth, each one departs... more
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