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Example sentences for plight

If you are not happy with your plight, do something about it.
This is the only course of action we have left since you continually turn a deaf ear to our plight.
Countless other plant and animal species share the tiger's plight.
As the plight of the colonies seemed more and more hopeless, Washington was offered dictatorial powers.
Cloistered in the luxury of Versailles, the royal couple was oblivious to their subjects' plight.
Never I wist thee in so poore a plight.
There is an honest, reflective quality to her writing, and her plight evokes outrage and sympathy.
The plight of refugees is the most emotional of the looming questions.
Higher fuel costs have made the industry's desperate plight critical.
Connectivity is worth the risk, since without it you are isolated and no one even knows your plight.
If anything having been over weight should have made you more sympathetic to the plight of fat people.
Only fools deny the plight the planet is facing, proven by the extensive evidence provided by modern science.
If that were to occur, these same people would recognize their plight and perhaps rebel.
Word of his financial plight and failure to honor his commitments spread.
The manufacturers took turns explaining their plight.
Acting because of one's personal plight or to achieve glory are not pure motives.
We are introduced to the plight of the many losers and the braggadocio of a few big winners.
The shortage has driven up prices, which only worsens the fish's plight.
But it is the plight of big cats that attracts their major effort today.
It is a measure of the quality of the acting here that you find yourself deeply invested in their plight.
She testified about her plight at a legislative hearing.
Surplus countries are simply stupefied by their plight.
The plight of small businesses, which are more dependent on bank credit than their larger peers, preoccupies policymakers.
The effort was futile: the monetary pressure wasn't eased, and collapsing trade only added to the plight of industry.
If you look at this article from a health point of view, it appears that being in a recession should help our obesity plight.
Yet the plight of the news business does not presage the end of news.
When publishers complained, they encountered a distinct lack of popular sympathy for their plight.
But they also need the focus of the world's press on their plight.
Many hands have been wrung about the plight of overextended kids.
With their plight desperate, tribal elders sent word that they badly needed help.

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