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The proper word may be landslide rather than plethora.
But the plethora of commercial interruptions is often hard to take.
In the humanities, for instance, there are a plethora of book prizes.
We've already got a plethora of devices and substances for that.
Party lights in the shape of ice-cream cones dangled from the awning, and a plethora of hand-drawn signs obscured the windows.
It will be streamed live to all the conference rooms which normally hold a plethora of simultaneous sessions.
You will find that you quickly have a plethora of material to choose from.
The problem with people of your kind is that your'e looking for one solution when the reality asks for a plethora of them.
The biggest barriers to building a radio audience are the polarizing power of music and the plethora of choices on the dial.
Things slipped his mind — from when to use “its” and “it's” to his girlfriend's birthday to his plethora of passwords.
Not that there are a plethora of jobs open there, either.
But the plethora of rumors regarding his whereabouts suggests that his pursuers have few concrete clues.
It is inevitable that that freedom will produce a plethora of devices.
But the idea took off and is now offered by a plethora of middlemen, and embraced by all manner of creative types.
The plethora of upcoming polls shows how routine democracy has become in this once dictatorship-ridden region.
There are a plethora of answers, but it is much more difficult to find right question.

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