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Example sentences for plenty

Plenty is a new bakery, but it's a throwback to a time when places with homey cakes and pastries tempted many neighborhoods.
It also means turning away plenty of qualified applicants.
But that would still leave plenty that could be useful for farming.
Campgrounds fill on summer weekends, but day-trippers still have plenty of park.
The world can produce plenty of food to sustain the current population.
There is always plenty of work to do at a fossil dig, but every now and then there's a lull in the activity.
The military's taken plenty of big steps towards fortifying battlefields with robot armies.
If you're an expectant parent who wants to buck the trends, plenty of college towns remain unused as personal names.
There is plenty of water to go around and human beings are not using all that much.
Long journeys require human explorers to carry plenty of water.
Take plenty of bait, don't forget your bucket and stay warm.
Tiny beachfront lot accommodates plenty of outdoor living.
Plenty of bags offer some blend of vintage military styling and modern geek utility.
Even without converting to a household solar power system, you have plenty of opportunities to use solar power.
Luckily, there are plenty of great free apps out there.
Plenty of other celebrities have gone the sock-puppet route.
The annual report card for scholarship athletes was the best yet this year-but there's plenty of room for improvement.
There seem to be plenty of the latter about, but the former are more politically able.
It includes photos, an exploration time line, and plenty of links.
When the body has plenty of oxygen, pyruvate is shuttled to an aerobic pathway to be further broken down for more energy.
They found plenty of both, along with their share of troubles.
We hear plenty about species going extinct, but much less about particular breeds of animals, especially those we've domesticated.
While plenty of faculty members could use help publicizing their expertise, few have difficulty expressing their opinions.
Most major cities have plenty of free things to do-if you know where to find them.
The evidence doesn't back you up while there is plenty of evidence of malfeasance in the private sector.
Jocks may have a reputation for not being smart, but you'll find plenty of science in the sports they play.
The fast growing netbook market is set to see plenty of new products later this year.
Gaps in degree attainment have plenty of other sources.
Yet there is plenty of oil left, with perhaps only a fifth of the world's endowment so far produced.
The souvenirs might be a bit on the tacky side, but you'll discover plenty of intriguing items in these lively markets.
Plenty of epidemiological studies support a link between pollution and compromised lung function.
They've got their own television show, plenty of films, and even a musical.
Plenty of palms grow where weather is consistently warm, but it's harder to find options for cold climates.
There are plenty of reasons not to fool around with your siblings or even your cousins.
More important, plenty of serious gamers never set foot in video-game stores.
But if the parents aren't wealthy-that is, if they don't have plenty of food-the sons leave home.
But there was plenty of prejudice despite that outward appearance of calm.
But look closely and you'll find plenty of ideas to adapt in your own garden.
There is plenty of summer vacation season left on the calendar, and boredom may already be settling in around the house.
Colleges and universities have plenty of tools, but they must learn to use them more effectively.
What is more, there is plenty of time before principal payments kick in: typically, five years or more.
Bring sunscreen, bug repellant, and plenty of water.
There may soon be yet another reason to eat plenty of vegetables.
There were still plenty of other large predatory dinosaurs, though.
Serve them alongside broiled, grilled, or steamed fish and be sure to have plenty of rice to soak up the sauce.
Plus, there are plenty of helpful tips that you can add to your repertoire and that will help you become a better builder.
Eat a balanced diet, exercise, and get plenty of rest.
From your brain down to your fingers and toes, your body needs plenty of oxygen to keep going.
And there are plenty of unknowns to make the situation even more confusing.
Each one has enough room for plenty of fruits and veggies as well as covered storage space at the ends that doubles as seating.
There are plenty of awesomely horrendous low-budget music videos.
Again, the department had plenty of time to find a replacement.
If you want wood and stone you can get them in plenty.
There are plenty of fools on both sides of the climate debate.
But there are plenty of challenges to overcome first.
Plenty of games out there let you choose between good and evil.
There have been plenty of close calls since: people have had ribs broken, legs cracked and flesh gashed.
Not only was the museum large and well-kept, but there were plenty of dinosaurs to see.
There are plenty of development models that are out there.
Several well-established eateries along the way offer hearty meals, quirky specialties, and plenty of local color.
There are plenty of geeks who agree, so we're putting on a space conference this weekend.
But there's always lots of sausage, and there's always plenty of beer.
His rain forest has a lacy canopy, a shady understory, and plenty of orchids and tree ferns in between.
If you're concerned about the health of your computer, there are plenty of free ways to keep the bad guys at bay.
Wire wrapped around the ladder gives the vine tendrils plenty of places to twine around.
Grow plants that bear flowers with plenty of nectar and pollen.
If you want to grow a variety that is susceptible, plant it in a sunny spot that gets plenty of air circulation.
Plenty of entries and plenty of different solutions.
Its sizeable villas offer privacy and plenty of room for your dive gear.
Higher-education leaders may disparage popular rankings of universities, but plenty of people take them seriously.
Click on the map to call up plenty of historical, geographical, and travel information on each of the island areas.
In primitive street markets, plenty of price discrimination goes on, through a mix of haggling and local knowledge.
New green fabrics are gaining popularity and coming online at a rapid rate, resulting in plenty of choices for savvy consumers.
Summer's more than halfway over, but there are still plenty of swimming days left.
Plenty of studies and predictions look at the future on a national scale, but few do so with a local focus.
And plenty of the rest, the bit that should make sense, can be read but is not yet understood.
There are plenty of ways to get into shape, but nothing gets you fitter for adventure sports faster than running.
Plenty of advice is available for scientists seeking research grants.
Luckily there is plenty of oxygen in the atmosphere.
He won over plenty of believers with his anecdotal evidence.
There are plenty of lurking dangers under the beautiful waves of the beach.
Plenty of development positions are available today in higher education and in other nonprofit sectors.
The industry has had plenty of chances to improve the safety of money-management funds.
After all, a monster that big needs plenty of room to make a living.
Place on baking sheet with plenty of space between each dough ball.
Space also expands, so there's plenty of it to be swallowed.
There is plenty of good lodging, good cuisine, and wonderful culture.
Remember that there are plenty of people without college degrees who know things that are worth learning.
In four spells as chief minister she has done plenty of that.
The one thing they do need is plenty of space to roam and hunt.
Plenty of multimedia speakers aspire to be your all-in-one bookshelves these days, ready for any situation or setting.
His tales include skinny-dipping, nearly getting arrested and plenty of beer.
There are plenty of smart phones out there with the specs and features to make power users and tech junkies swoon.
In the trenches of consumer technology, there's plenty to complain about.
Plenty of room makes it easier to toss the contents.
Display plants where they'll get plenty of bright, indirect light.
Be sure to serve with plenty of rice to sop up the delicious sauce.
The counter has plenty of space for setting out buffet items as well as tableware.
Beauty aside, there are plenty of good reasons to grow flowers with vegetables.
But, if you can't find plants, there are plenty of seed sources.
There are plenty of reasons to worry about food: uncertain politics, volatile prices, hunger amid plenty.
There is still plenty of scope for private-equity firms to expand.
It discovered that almost half the population had no savings at all, including plenty of people on above-average incomes.
Customers can tell plenty about the state of the auto industry while kicking tyres at a used-car dealership.
But there are plenty of other mysteries that remain to be solved.
Have each student create a two-column chart with five rows, leaving plenty of room in each row for notes.
But if you want to go find your own journey, there are still plenty of places you can go and plenty of ways you can do it.
The charts should take up an entire page, as they'll need to leave plenty of room to write.
Several provincial parks and wooded areas provide plenty of opportunities for hiking and biking.
The northernmost state in the east gets blanketed in plenty of snow during the winter.
Planning a family vacation that includes plenty of suitable activities for kids and relaxation for the parents isn't always easy.
Plenty of special deals are offered so guests can take pleasure in this comfortable and warm hotel for a reasonable price.
Although surrounded by larger neighbors, this small city offers plenty of attractions for visitors.
There are plenty of hiking trails and places to fish, bike or skate.
Teenagers can find plenty of ways of amusing themselves around town.
There are plenty of opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, diving and boating.
The downtown area is home to plenty of shops and restaurants to cater to different tastes.
Whatever the count, there are plenty of words to go around.
For anyone starting a new career, a one-page cover letter of four paragraphs is plenty.
If you're not big media fodder, there are plenty of other ways in which to take part in your book's career.
Naturally, plenty of people think the research is bunk and have said so.
Still, some educators believe that there's still plenty of room for improvement.
He had plenty of opportunity to learn that many police officers had a poor opinion of any efforts to understand inner-city youths.
Plenty of pressure is put on a development office at any financially troubled college.
He must have plenty of butter who would stop everybody's mouth.
He luxuriates in time of plenty, and he starves in times of scarcity.
Where there is discipline there is virtue, where there is peace there is plenty.
Necklaces of bears' claws are plenty around their necks.
Riches consist in plenty of gold and silver, for these command all the conveniences of life.
Also, there were good things to eat, and there was plenty to eat.
Fowl both of water and land in great plenty and diversity.
There are plenty of table ornaments that need no flowers.
There's been plenty written about it in the newspapers.
But even then, he said there was plenty of stuff he wasn't going to tell us.
The school is characteristically minimalist with plenty of open spaces.
Its style is decidedly more small town, though it has plenty of upscale restaurants and shops.
Frustratingly, there are plenty of silly story elements that mar the program.
Of course, there's also plenty of explanation about how cheese gets made.
There are plenty of other dinosaur movies that have never been made.
We get warnings that a tornado is headed our way with plenty of time to take shelter.
Of course, there were plenty of roller-coaster related activities as well.
After all, there is plenty of junk in orbit, and it can't stay up there forever.
It offers easy access by road, rail and barge and has plenty of cooling water.
So the project would transplant wildlife from where it gets in the way to where it would have plenty of room.
There are the usual charming street photos, some gorgeous birds, plenty of bugs on flowers.
The tonne of propellant remaining in its tanks was plenty for the reentry manoeuvres and any contingencies.
Such dying stars have plenty of debris around them, resulting in a bright afterglow.
Lanza and his company have had plenty of experience in the spotlight, but the attention has not always been flattering.
We have plenty of people out of work and plenty of infrastructure that needs rebuilding.
It turns out that there was plenty of justification for the crowd's patient wait and for cheering each presidential signature.
Although a fuller grasp of microbial genetics promises to boost wellness even further, plenty of big unknowns remain.
Diseases affecting even fewer people-and there are plenty of them-have even less of a chance.
The playwright and the actors, whoever they are, will have plenty to work with.
Sure, laptops and cell phones were more prevalent, but there were plenty of people cracking spines during their layovers.
There's not much to choose from on the menu, but plenty of information.
The prolonged rounds of betting leave plenty of time for an outrageous bluff to steamroll the other players into folding.
Drop the questionable conceit, and there are plenty of dishes on the menu that demonstrate imagination and verve.
They have seen plenty of their married peers flirt and have affairs and reconcile, or divorce and marry again.
Because the loaf is baked without a loaf pan, there's plenty of well-browned crust to go around.
Restaurants have, over the years, proved themselves plenty capable of handling the yearnings of dessert-hungry diners.
Plenty of chefs share my serious crush on cornmeal mush.
We still are getting plenty of vegetables from the garden.
There are plenty of ways to go wrong matching the respective characteristics of wine, food, and film.
There's plenty of noise in the room, and the buzz is good.
But they miss plenty, leaving ridiculously easy access to berries you wouldn't otherwise be able to reach.
There will always be plenty of bug-squishing where squash lives.
As it happens, plenty of savory winter ingredients have an affinity for chocolate.
Airlines lose money every time they take off with empty seats, and there are plenty of them these days.
He finally devised a muffin shortcake that absorbs plenty of berry juice but doesn't disintegrate.
Within the past five years the question of nourishment has risen from utter desperation to comparative plenty.
Family dinner was eaten upstairs in the dining room around a big oval table, accompanied by plenty of conversation.
What you need is a talent for organization and plenty of space in your refrigerator.
But the book has plenty of surprises that never got the attention it deserved during the initial media blitz.
There was plenty political about this catastrophe, but nothing partisan.
But the really, really good news is that there's plenty of money in the world to do these things.
When booking the appointment, be sure to allow yourself plenty of time, as this decadent experience will take almost three hours.
Well yeah, but there are plenty of shows that are formulaic.
There was plenty of capitalism before the factory and the steam engine.
All you need is a typewriter, plenty of paper, and two or three old almanacs or joke books.
Boil bones on the stove in plenty of water for one hour.
There is plenty of melodrama, and a proficient and easy flow of narrative.
And in truth, there was plenty of pure adventurism afoot in the left, as nobody can deny.
In others it is a promise of freedom, opportunity, and plenty: a political metaphor and a private fantasy.
There's plenty more to the story about the village and the tiger, much of it wonderful with its mix of the real and the fantastic.
There is plenty of sunlight, and it is not important to use it with maximum efficiency.
There is still plenty of chatter but it is safe, indistinct noise that remains in the background.
Yet by that point he'd had plenty of reasons, beyond the genetic, to seek solace in drink.
Plenty of teachers know how to provide the best in undergraduate education.
Her prescription was simple: plenty of rest, plenty of fluids.
But in times of plenty, when people can easily eat too much all too often, the system is stressed by insulin overproduction.
The perfect storm came with plenty of advance warning.
Halfway between an herb and a shrub, it can reach several feet higher than a basketball player and it's plenty tough.
As a diagnostic fluid, saliva has plenty of benefits over blood.
Moreover, they contained plenty of silicon, which is extremely rare in human cells.
There are still plenty of ways that the treatment could fail before reaching the clinic.
In other words, modulating the parameters is an easy way to generate plenty of weird absolute proportions.
Yes, science, of which there is plenty to be had during any sporting event.
The object that came in must have weighed several tons, so there should be plenty of meteorites to be found.
Even with plenty of time, ribose would have trouble hooking up with phosphate.
Their bodies could store plenty of heat from the sun.
In short, a gene variant that may have been helpful in times of hunger would be harmful in times of unrelenting plenty.
He packed out plenty of wild tales, too, which are woven into this engaging autobiography.
There were plenty of people who told me that looking for human resistance genes was likely to fail.
They indicated that there should be no problem, as the later flights had plenty of open seats.
Focus the same sunlight on a solar cell and you can generate plenty of electricity.
Plenty more compact four-wheelers are in the automotive pipeline.
To be sure, there are plenty of barriers to global teamwork.
Not to worry-your company may have plenty of old ones lying around.
There is plenty of work to do before the technology will be ready for market, however.
There are plenty of picture browsers that show thumbnails of directories to make choosing and organizing graphics easier.
And plenty of electricity is available, particularly overnight.
And plenty of skepticism and towering financial hurdles remain for all of these monster projects.
The technical challenges in computational audition are plenty.
The situation would be worse than using gasoline or diesel, which are still plenty in supply.
And he slept in his office plenty of times when he was running his own startup.
After all, there are plenty of cities elsewhere in the world that are looking for innovative ways to reduce energy consumption.
Consider alternative energy, an emerging industry where there is plenty of innovation.
Talk to a number of established professionals with plenty of experience.
It got excellent mileage and had plenty of power to ride up the steep grades.
There are plenty of metals out there that as they expand and contract they produce electricity.
There's plenty of inspiring work to be done here by any philosophers with a little time on their hands.
There are gifts everywhere, and plenty to give thanks for.
These meals are perfection made simple so you'll have plenty of time to frolic and play your summer days away.

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