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Example sentences for plentiful

Some professors want to go where research collaborations are more plentiful.
If no grandparents are available, nannies are plentiful and affordable.
Peace and plentiful land attract refugees from troubled neighboring countries.
These little butterflies are plentiful and tiny-some are no larger than my thumb-and share similar markings across species.
The pea-size berries, which are plentiful once the plant has been in the ground about three years, attract birds too.
Because it's so plentiful in nature, it's virtually inexhaustible.
True, serious lobster lovers can purchase them all year, but now the weather is warm and the lobsters are plentiful.
The second dish takes a little more time to prepare, but uses fresh vegetables that are in season and plentiful.
The fact is that green jobs are probably good jobs, but they're not unusually plentiful.
These fairly plentiful animals are hunted as a food resource and for their fur, which is used to make clothing.
He theorized that populations have an incentive to grow exponentially when there are plentiful resources and space.
If your area receives plentiful rainfall during the growing season, look for resistant plants.
Bodies are blasted apart, blood is splattered on the screen and profanity is as prevalent as the plentiful weapon caches.
They know it will be the island's plentiful white-tailed deer.
Jobs in that area were more plentiful than in many others.
Money is cheap, deposits plentiful and borrowers desperate, so new lending promises handsome margins.
They grow low, store plentiful water in their leaves, and are bred to withstand temperature and moisture extremes.
Branches tend to spread near the top, especially in snowy regions or where moisture is plentiful.
Though sharks were plentiful and were successful marine predators, relatively few prehistoric shark skeletons are preserved.
The jobs seem to be plentiful right now, with more yet to be announced.
With idyllic beaches, volcanic hills and plentiful cocoa, the new president may even be able make good his promise.
It has since grown so plentiful that gharials now feed on it almost exclusively.
For the third group, food availability alternated on an unpredictable schedule between none and plentiful.
Pedicabs and plentiful bike parking mean going farther afield is easy too.
Supplies of hybrids are plentiful in some markets, wrenchingly tight in others.
For the enthusiastic reader, however, there is a plentiful supply of elegant proofs and engaging problems.
Bacteria grow by using the chemical energy of reduced sulfur compounds, plentiful in the warm vent water.
There were times the oceans were warmer than now, and life on this planet was thriving, plentiful and evolving.
Water wasn't as plentiful then, plus people usually spent only a few weeks in residence.
Credit has been plentiful for those who need to borrow.
It's also easier to catch leopards because they are more plentiful than tigers.
The options for sharing and modifying the main page are plentiful and fun.
Manufacturing is beginning to move inland to areas where labour is more plentiful and cheaper.
The nonprofits train farmers how to produce plentiful crops without cutting down trees.
Now, they are well trained and eat many of our plentiful bug supply as well as fruit scraps etc.
They concede, for instance, that petrol today is cheap and plentiful.
During the plentiful rainy season, thousands of animals can be seen gathering in large groups.
Rain is plentiful all year, heaviest in summer and early fall.
Meaning it is plentiful and cheap as well as highly effective.
Jobs for legislators, senior officials and managers are plentiful too.
For one, the plentiful food sources allowed for easier reproduction and a denser population.
They bloom more and produce more plentiful and larger leaves.
No one complained as long as energy was seen as plentiful and harmless.
These processors are cheaper and more plentiful than the mainline chips in desktop or laptop computers.
The extra calories they stored when fruit was plentiful are now helping them survive.
The target is necessary to ensure a fast ride and plentiful ridership.
The delta, with its plentiful fish and wildlife, kept them isolated from other cultures.
Logan said microbial electrolysis cells are easy to make, and the bacteria needed for the process are plentiful.
Lagoon for its plentiful marine species and its proliferation of shipwrecks.
The outcome is the same: empty cities but plentiful resources.
Plentiful rodents probably drew wild felines to human communities.
Yeah, it's cheap and curvaceous, it's light and parts are plentiful.
As long as jobs are plentiful and wages rising, the effect of weaker house prices will be muted.
It might turned out, though, that none of those plentiful ideas are better than conservation and powering down.
Golf courses are more plentiful and maintained better.
The seed has been scattered far and wide, and the harvest is plentiful.
It has, for example, plentiful water resources that an enterprising government would find ways to develop.
Food hoarding is reportedly aggravating shortages-even where rain has been plentiful.
They will shrink in length and then regrow as food becomes plentiful again.
Water is plentiful again: people can now bathe, shower, flush and even drink city water.
Those better at sums might, for instance, have put a bit more aside in more plentiful times.
But he's pretty sure the spiders will be not only bigger but more plentiful.
Because it's an unregulated world, transportation is cheap and plentiful.
Instead, it will harvest the state's plentiful solar and other renewable resources.
Tropical primates on the perimeter of their range no longer had plentiful fruits and year-round streams and lakes.
And, when they straddle national borders, they offer plentiful opportunities to be nasty about the foreigners in the next room.
Yet some think the web's plentiful distractions have made would-be rebels docile.
But then, credit cards were plentiful, unemployment was low and short.
Scholarships and research funding is available for both students and faculty and it's plentiful.
And the trees are plentiful, enough to block the view of the busy street and help absorb the traffic noise.
Harvests have been plentiful, hunger has been banished, and trade is brisk in the towns and cities.
In another war the bombs will be plentiful and they will be comparatively cheap.
They ate much more meat, because it was extremely cheap and plentiful by their standards.
The suggestions of how to limit head trauma have been as plentiful as they would be ineffective.
At the moment, global oil supplies appear plentiful.
The market rose because the economy was booming, jobs were plentiful and stocks entered bubble territory.
The fruit was plentiful even as the branches were losing their leaves.
Land is plentiful, and office space is relatively cheap.
But skin cells are the easy part-they're plentiful, hardy, easy to obtain and work with.
The technology isn't good enough and the users aren't lucrative enough or plentiful enough to justify it.
They're strong, resistant to mold, termites and fire and above all they're plentiful.
And these days the opportunities to reinvent are plentiful, and unpredictable.
Where computers are plentiful, digital communications are nearly uncensorable.
With plentiful variety of movement, a stateliness appropriate to the theme is maintained throughout the whole of the poem.
Our conversation on this subject continued till dinner, which was both elegant and plentiful.
Skimmers and thick-billed tern were plentiful here right in the heart of the continent.
As circulation to air, so is agitation and a plentiful degree of speculative license to political and moral sanity.
And though that way be uncertain, yet the people be so full of mercy and pity, that none is found more profitable or plentiful.
For years a patch may be plentiful and then, suddenly, it will yield nothing at all.
Resident stem cells are a potential source, but they are not plentiful.
Solar energy is plentiful when the sun shines and wind power only when the wind blows.
And the coal powerplant would have to be near an area with plentiful water, open available land, and sunshine.
But junked cars are often plentiful, as are folks with the know-how to work on them.
Plentiful fuel is a plus, but not the main selling point.
The supply is plentiful, but the distribution uneven.
With jobs more plentiful and firms finding that skills are in short supply, wages will rise.
Bodies that expected food to be plentiful, by contrast, should ration themselves to avoid the consequences of chronic overeating.
Meanwhile the old customers-Western tour groups, drinkers looking for late-night stodge-have become less plentiful.
Nations with plentiful natural resources face extra risks.
The great news is that as the world becomes more frugal, it is also becoming more plentiful.
Although disagreements over the plan were plentiful, regulators and lawmakers did manage to agree on one point.
Plentiful unskilled jobs encouraged youths to drop out of school.
Suppliers want retailers to promote their products, offer in-store information and keep plentiful stocks.
All this is in addition to plentiful nature trails and scenic neighborhoods.
While the pharmacist shortage isn't as severe as it was several years ago, jobs are expected to be plentiful for years.
Activities suitable for energetic toddlers and bored teenagers are plentiful.
People visiting, even during a mild winter, will find outdoor activities plentiful.
The strong and fast bonefish and other fish are plentiful around the southern shores of the island.
The shopping is plentiful, the people are friendly, and the language is easily learned.
Its proximity to the big city means restaurants and shopping opportunities are plentiful.
Wildlife might be elusive, but it is often plentiful.
They live near water and favor coasts and lakes where fish are plentiful, though they will also snare and eat small mammals.
Even in zoos, where food and care are plentiful, nearly half of the polar cubs born in captivity die.
The hopes of billions for a better life depend on plentiful and accessible sources of energy.
These rodents live a feast-or-famine lifestyle and gorge themselves all summer to build up plentiful reserves of fat.
The downsides of smoking are plentiful, ranging from stained fingers and teeth to an increased risk of lung cancer.
When food is plentiful- population grows until food is no longer plentiful.
It was becoming increasingly apparent that planets might be plentiful.
If people want water that is not only plentiful but actually clean, then raise the price again.
It is red--a color attractive to birds--secretes plentiful nectar, and is unscented.
Shed teeth from crocodiles, he predicted, should be rare in turf sites and plentiful in surf sites.
But salt dome formations are not plentiful, so researchers are investigating other inexpensive ways to create storage chambers.
But now that their world has changed to include a plentiful, modern high-sugar diet, it's a liability.
Leaves are plentiful and relatively high in protein, but they're low in energy-rich carbohydrates.
But one plentiful source of nutrients was easily accessible to mammoths-their own dung.
It's the start of vacation season and so the cafeteria is not so full and parking is plentiful.
Birds are actually often attracted to airports because of the open space and plentiful food.
Guesses as to what the key dolphin secret was were plentiful.
And in hunter gatherer groups potential mates were not so plentiful that you could afford to be too choosy.
Some scientists claim that hydrogen, because it is so plentiful, is the basic building block of the universe.
Seeing a soundless video doesn't make sense to us land dwellers where sound via air is plentiful.
Now information is cheap and so plentiful no one can even process it all.
Our plentiful public response has been almost entirely angry.
Public buses are plentiful, and there are coaches to the major hotels, which also run limousine desks in the arrivals hall.
With seven restaurants and bars, dining options are plentiful for a development of relatively modest size.
The tinder that sparked last summer's rioting remains in plentiful supply.
So they are thrilled that their plentiful river could give them light all day long.
And if it's consistently doing so after so many billions of years, that water may once have been plentiful.
Back then, water flowed in the creeks, and plant and animal life was plentiful.
Ring-necked pheasant are common, while sharp-tailed grouse and gray partridge are not as plentiful.
Not many years ago, when energy was relatively cheap and plentiful, weatherization wasn't as cost-effective as it is now.
The sunfish are plentiful with many fish larger than six inches.
And at the present, there seems to be a plentiful supply of natural gas.
The newly emerging tender shoots provide a plentiful diet.
The large size of this occupation ensures plentiful job openings, including many opportunities for temporary and part-time work.
Because of the region's mild climate, bird species are varied and plentiful.
Job opportunities for taxi drivers and chauffeurs should be plentiful.
Job openings should be plentiful over the next decade.

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