plenary in a sentence

Example sentences for plenary

Monday will find the Convention ready for business with the opening of the first plenary session.
Generally, the plenary session of the academy meets every two years.
We both were done for the day and went for pre-plenary address drinks.
Several controversial changes were given unobstructed passage through committee and plenary sessions.
It was during the final formal plenary, which was crammed with observers, journalists and officials from more than 180 countries.
He is scheduled to appear at the first plenary session of the great international gathering in May.
The major state news organizations reported Friday that rural land reform was at the top of the agenda for the plenary session.
We exercise plenary review over whether the requirements for abstention have been met.
Romulo is our headline speaker for that first plenary session.
Yet, amidst the monotony and occasional pomposity of the long plenary sessions, a deeper drama began to emerge.
Had he only had plenary powers it could have succeeded.
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