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For thousands of years, the vehicle of choice for everyone from peasant and plebeian to patrician and prince was horse-drawn.
There are persons who consider buckwheat cakes a plebeian dainty.
Today's version is closer to accents that once would have been termed plebeian.
While others fumbled for quarters in the plebeian lodge, he rode an elevator up to his personalized locker.
Such plebeian feeds often miss out on the recipe treatment.
It was a rowdy, plebeian entertainment then, not some cultural treasure.
One of his characters remarks that the hair alone makes a certain plebeian insufferable.
In this wide-open career the plebeian suffered for his mediocrity, and the sceptic for his doubt.

Famous quotes containing the word plebeian

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The modern picture of The Artist began to form: The poor, but free spirit, plebeian but aspiring only to be... more
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