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Come here at night, however, and the experience transforms into a sensuous delight-a real pleasure of shared community.
The satisfaction, the pleasure, the comfort one takes in these poems comes from the way they seem to have pre-existed us.
It is just a simple pleasure.
Having been her editor, I confess, was a pleasure.
Fried rice, a savory meal in a bowl, is a wonderful guilty pleasure of Chinese takeout.
It's always a pleasure to read your work, you deliver once again.
Something that gives great pleasure or enjoyment.
But I do not take any real pleasure in it, neither in preparing food nor in eating it.
Middle age has the pleasure of accomplishment.
Most of them don't read for pleasure at all.
Game is great and I really its giving me great pleasure to play.
Such is the pleasure of small-island exploration.
One or two crack jokes to hide their embarrassed pleasure.
There is no better emblem of the double-edged pleasure of seasonality than a backyard fig tree.
If you buy and plant some of the perennials listed here this month, you'll get pleasure from them immediately.
That's part of the pleasure, but there's a potential pitfall.
The pleasure comes in noticing what the beef brings out in each wine.
Imagine a world in which public policy declared that pleasure is the principal means to health.
If people want to read it, if they get pleasure from it, then it must be good.
It's no coincidence that these are all images of ingestion, of a feast that has gone far past the point of pleasure.
How ironic that someone who preached the pleasure of language and words to students took so little pleasure in her own.
Many readers of this blog have experienced the pleasure of getting a new computer.
Certainly there is something to be said for the pleasure of really polishing up a piece of writing through multiple revisions.
There is a final pleasure available in this cold climate, and it will be instructive to see how many dare it.
Several public philosophers say their colleagues seem to take pleasure in policing the field's borders.
It's a pleasure to see administration own what happens on campus.
Its readers are convinced of a correlation between arduousness of effort and aesthetic pleasure.
It's always a pleasure to turn our readers on to great writers.
One night, a small sigh of pleasure escaped my lips at the dinner table.
Many of the original trees are still flourishing and giving pleasure to thousands of people.
Learn about a new way of travel that combines the pleasure of tourism with the preservation of our world's distinctive places.
The researchers who work there have the pleasure of watching beautiful sunsets at the end of their working days.
Here the bodies were always meant to be seen, and they charge you a small fee for the pleasure.
Its my great pleasure to visit your blog and to enjoy your awesome posts here.
Seeing the positive results of so many years of work, especially the pleasure it has given many of my friends.
It was, at first, a pleasure as delicious as settling slowly into warm bath water.
When you travel for business or pleasure, it helps to familiarize yourself with the standard operating procedures of hotels.
Once you board the cruise ship, getting to and from ports of call is typically a pleasure.
Therefore in the balance between the pleasure of general society and the pain of absolute solitude, pain is the predominant idea.
The pleasure that is in sorrow is sweeter than the pleasure of pleasure itself.
It was a life of pleasure and gallantry, which had a code and speech of its own.
No pleasure waiting for others, but an equal pleasure waits for you.
Two movable iron cheeks or plates, still used in cooking-stoves to enlarge or contract the grate at pleasure.
The scientists were wondering why raking fingernails across skin brings us such pleasure.
Morphine acts on a part of the brain known as the opioid system, which is linked to pain, pleasure and addictive behaviors.
He contrasts the ideas of pleasure and a gratification.
For example, one study has shown that knowing the ingredients and name brand of a beer can increase the drinker's pleasure.
Only humans seem to be able to derive pleasure from the negative sensation itself.
She argues that over time the human brain evolved to feel social pain and pleasure.
Physicians have long believed that people smoke primarily for pleasure and become psychologically dependent on that pleasure.
And because of that, animals have strong inclinations for-and receive great pleasure from-eating sweet foods.
Apparently, toxoplasmosis can modify a signal that should trigger anxiety into one that triggers pleasure.
It's been my great pleasure to know a half dozen centurions over the years.
The tactile pleasure the interface provides beyond its utility quickly brought it accolades.
It is a pleasure to read an article that is well researched, thoughtful and covers a lot of ground so well.
To be irrational with your own money may be to be foolhardy, to give in to guilty pleasure, or to wallow in caprice.
Yet pleasure at your own can vanish if you learn that a colleague has been given a bigger one.
Once there, it stimulates a neural circuit that provides a sensation of pleasure.
Rarest of all, though, he was a pleasure to witness in action.
It seems as though these are wired up in a way that causes the animal to take pleasure from monogamy.
The paintings are exhilarating in the way that a rollercoaster is exhilarating, with fear playing a major part in the pleasure.
Those who have a penchant for eating out in fashionable and expensive restaurants, are paying more for their pleasure.
With their mind-numbing use of acronyms, they are not exactly a pleasure to read.
To impel the rats up difficult inclines, a second implant stimulated pleasure centers in their brains.
Yet now he has a viable business, full control, and the pleasure of building his business step by step.
Having to put in earphones could be distracting-and would also diminish his pleasure in being outdoors.
We feel his surprise and pleasure in discovering the line's power to sustain itself and carry him further and deeper into himself.
Product-bookmarking sites can give us the pleasure of shopping without the environmental impact of consuming.
The pleasure of it is partly the pleasure of detection, the pleasure of recognition, the pleasure of response.
He told me how much pleasure he got saying them over to himself at night.
In doing so, he would pinpoint the fastest route to our brain's pleasure center.
They are in the business of building an audience by stroking the pleasure centers of their listeners.
The pleasure is in following the iterations and variations on a melody.
But there's also sheer aesthetic pleasure in these white lines and arcs and circles.
It seemed to point the way towards a future in which the weather could no longer impinge upon human pleasure or desire.
Tea partiers got drunk off the pleasure of hearing their prejudices echoed.
Actions can be evaluated in terms of how much pleasure they produce.
Food is a great source of pleasure and many of us live to eat.
Experience it with all five senses, and take your pleasure to entirely new places.
There is a bone-deep pleasure that comes with discovering the unexpected.
We double your pleasure by offering not one but two buttery, nutty shortbread rounds in each cookie.
Some eat it for health reasons but mostly it's eaten to pleasure the palate.
Out of it all he appears to have extracted, and given, an uncommon amount of pleasure.
But if luxury is never cheap, pleasure need not be expensive.
Opinions on degrees of tennis greatness are necessarily subjective, and mine rests on the pleasure principle.
Sport is a physical activity engaged in for recreation or pleasure.
The red soles offer the pleasure of secret knowledge to their wearer, and that of serendipity to their beholder.
As pine trees grow all over the world, their seeds are a ubiquitous source of nutrition and pleasure.
Discusses collisions and near-collisions with pleasure boats and water-skiers on the river.
Those ancient tropes fulfill certain expectations and, at their best, provide incomparable pleasure.
And hearing a live band working in tight unison with a good singer is a reliable pleasure.
If you've got some free time, here are a couple talks for your listening pleasure.
Unfortunately, since the electrodes also stimulate his pleasure center, the implant winds up doing far more harm than good.
The right length and lilt of a sentence will let your reader take your meaning from it, and take it with pleasure.
It's also involved in our emotions, our feelings of reward and pleasure, and our ability to make decisions.
Be careful she doesn't try to pleasure herself with the mouse.
One can, after all, always step back and reasonably ask whether pleasure is actually good.
There are a few recordings from that time which still give me some pleasure.
And every week, for almost every listener, there's the pleasure of discovering new sounds you didn't know were out there.
The ironic juxtaposition of pleasure, cruelty, and a rusting tractor adds a distinctive local flourish.
They were about travel as pleasure, travel as adventure, travel as the archetypical modern experience.
Many legionnaires took a masochistic pleasure in an unhappy life.
The staff in all of my enterprises who work tirelessly and yet happily for the pleasure of others.
Given the new craze, it's a pleasure to have artists who are as easy on the eye as on the ear.
Everywhere one experiences pleasure in materials and the presence of the hand.
It's where the pleasure-houses are, and the fugu joints, and the clubs where yakuza gamble with flower cards.
Exclamations of pleasure and surprise greet his first melody.
There is no grosser corruption of biotechnology than creating a human mutant and disemboweling it at our pleasure for spare parts.

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