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As a new admirer of his work it is pleasurable to see articles and books still written by him.
Travel today isn't always pleasurable or desirable, but you can improve the experience of moving through time and space.
But few offer realistic solutions to stop the losses and make flying pleasurable again.
But whether your trip is by air or land, a few advance planning tips can make your vacation more pleasurable than painful.
No critic has succeeded in making him appear pleasurable or even interesting.
Rhythm also makes movement pleasurable, as in the dance.
And, conversely, the perception of rhythm in things external to oneself is both easy and pleasurable.
It's as useful an illustration as it is a pleasurable sentence.
For many people there is nothing more pleasurable than giving gifts of books.
Fear may not be one of the more pleasurable emotions, but it is an effective survival tool.
Their brains were wired to make forming attachments pleasurable.
In the coming week, your ability to attract others and enjoy pleasurable experiences is amplified.
Unlike depression, though, hypomania is intrinsically pleasurable.
Exercise regularly, seek out pleasurable activities, and maintain good sleep habits.
If something is pleasurable, or rewarding, you want to do it again.
Everyone will have materials and services that provide pleasurable reading, viewing, and listening experiences.

Famous quotes containing the word pleasurable

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